Dogecoin: Explained
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2021 Tech I'm Ready For!
Dear Electric Cars!
Smartphone Awards 2020!
The $129 Smartphone?!
ashepe Hace 12 horas
I actually have some dogecoin somewhere. I just cam't remember ejere. Jesus. Around 100$ 2 Years ago
Kayman Hace 12 horas
2:13 you should not ride it when its wet... hmmmmmmm 🧐🤨
Hindi Help
Hindi Help Hace 12 horas
Me watching in 2160p 😂😂
peter nguyen
peter nguyen Hace 12 horas
HELL NO I will never spend over 500 buck for a damn headphone that is way too much money for me I rather spend my money on a headphone that has a great quality great sound better noise canceling and much cheaper than that ugly ass Apple headphone
abhineet chaudhary
abhineet chaudhary Hace 12 horas
Next time use mid rangers and see if people are able to differentiate
Pankaj Rajput
Pankaj Rajput Hace 12 horas
It ain't much, but it's honest work
Mareill Maieqs
Mareill Maieqs Hace 12 horas
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Pankaj Rajput
Pankaj Rajput Hace 12 horas
This youtuber looks a bit rookie, I don't think he can make it big
Garry Myers
Garry Myers Hace 12 horas
Marques for president
xxpizzaxx Hace 12 horas
Claim you still don't have IOS 14 ticket here 👇
Mareill Maieqs
Mareill Maieqs Hace 12 horas
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Robert Briones
Robert Briones Hace 12 horas
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AFREEN ADNAN Hace 12 horas
Zion Sky
Zion Sky Hace 12 horas
But now your also talking about it.
KMS Countdown
KMS Countdown Hace 12 horas
Love your content! Entertaining and unbiased!
Ruben Cortez
Ruben Cortez Hace 12 horas
Is there a link to purchase that carbon fiber camera skin?
Sk Mehatab Hossain
Sk Mehatab Hossain Hace 12 horas
Omolola samuel SOF
Omolola samuel SOF Hace 12 horas
Give me one
Bob Kesangana
Bob Kesangana Hace 12 horas
Wow!! Bill Gates !!😗😗😗
Sk Mehatab Hossain
Sk Mehatab Hossain Hace 12 horas
Iphone 11
Sk Mehatab Hossain
Sk Mehatab Hossain Hace 12 horas
Oh super
Sk Mehatab Hossain
Sk Mehatab Hossain Hace 12 horas
Osm blue colour
Sk Mehatab Hossain
Sk Mehatab Hossain Hace 12 horas
sunil bharadhwaj
sunil bharadhwaj Hace 12 horas
Will tablets consume more data than smartphone??
PS4sos21 Hace 12 horas
Every single mobile company is terrible with names. Sony's no different.
CallyWasHere Hace 12 horas
The Mac was so much worse than the Apple 2, but hey Steve wanted his pc to be used bc Steve was Steve
fazli ally
fazli ally Hace 12 horas
People don't buy sony because buy an iphone low class
Wendy Soriano
Wendy Soriano Hace 12 horas
I love the intro 😂
andrew testa
andrew testa Hace 13 horas
Just got an apple watch 6 as a gift and wanted to see some reviews. Came to this video first noticed the poster in the background and my heart is heavy. Great review and my condolences from the future.
Walid KHEROUB Hace 13 horas
Scarry77 Hace 13 horas
How do you get so much battery life? 5 hours screen on will kill my ultra, but you still have 30-40 left?
vampire847 Hace 13 horas
ESpost is suddenly pushing this video for ya. The algorithm smiles upon you! Also it's a really interesting topic. I think the CEO dude is taking advantage of Roberto Escobar being old and possibly having dementia.
0pposite Hace 13 horas
I had a Sony XA1 untill middle of 2019 and I wanted to buy another Sony, but their line-up was pretty bad at that point. It seemed like I had the choice of paying a lot for a mediocre phone or paying over 1000 bucks for the flagship. So instead I went for an LG G8S ThinQ, which used to be amazing, but now it has a charging port so worn out, I can only charge it wireless.
VRoomvroom Boomboom
VRoomvroom Boomboom Hace 13 horas
Where did the Saturn go?
lascius - black
lascius - black Hace 13 horas
Nature / type of this video is exactly how Bitcoin got to where it is today - Bitcoin is sledgehammer promotion.
Mashaireo Williamson
Mashaireo Williamson Hace 13 horas
I hope you get the next one to review.
James 20 Joshua 20
James 20 Joshua 20 Hace 13 horas
I had this 12 back in 2012
Nick Hearn
Nick Hearn Hace 13 horas
I got rid of the galaxy S10+ for the 12 mini.... what was I thinking 😂😂
Shane Hace 13 horas
3 years old lol
Sam Cyanide
Sam Cyanide Hace 13 horas
Mkbhd is such a straight up dude
ClownFish Hace 13 horas
New logo eyyyyyy
Sam Cyanide
Sam Cyanide Hace 13 horas
Need more on the cameras! Great vid tho
Kevin Starks
Kevin Starks Hace 13 horas
Still the best Nexus phone. Google should bring back the Nexus line
BluehuSKY Hace 13 horas
Jackson Dawg
Jackson Dawg Hace 13 horas
I have a question about switching wallets before payout. If you switch Midway will part go the one wallet and the rest go to the other wallet?
Trevor Vogt
Trevor Vogt Hace 13 horas
Cool runnings is the best feel good movie of all time
Wonyoung Koh
Wonyoung Koh Hace 13 horas
Wow my favourite Korean rap duo is on your playlist... Dope..
dev ravi
dev ravi Hace 13 horas
lol ipad killing ipad
Marc W.
Marc W. Hace 14 horas
2:26 Wasn’t the iPhone 11 the last model to have a fast charger in the box! My 11 Pro Max had one.
ggh546 Hace 14 horas
Your explanation/review of the case.... "EPIC"!!!
Carl Smith
Carl Smith Hace 14 horas
man you gotta play Demon Souls!
José Luis Moraes
José Luis Moraes Hace 14 horas
Please, would you tell me where I can find the daft punk pink picture?
thatdumbgoblin Hace 14 horas
Marques: *turns into purple guy*
Robert Briones
Robert Briones Hace 14 horas
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Mouhammed Ali محمد علي
Mouhammed Ali محمد علي Hace 14 horas
I shoot all of my videos on a 9 year old on a canon 600d that has a broken lense (no auto focus)And a 4 gen core i7 8gb ram laptop to edit i can't really upgrade (i live in lebanon)i still love shooting videos and mkbhd is a huge inspiration
Rijan Parajuli
Rijan Parajuli Hace 14 horas
I wonder if they sent him a unit to test before actually sending him one
Felix Goettel
Felix Goettel Hace 14 horas
Indeed, the taycan has a 2-gear electromotor. To be more efficient.
Felix Goettel
Felix Goettel Hace 14 horas
UDChicken Hace 14 horas
One thing that doesn't add up for this phone is the back camera set. I would say you only need a cheap camera for QR scanning rather than a set of cameras that can do so much yet completely useless as the phone is intended to be mounted on a camera rig (i mean, seriously, Sony, what kind of nerd who buys this phone would leave the house without an actual camera?) I would also turn the back of the camera into a led panel for nighttime closeup shootings. (dunno why Sony didn't do it while wireless charging is already not supported) And work with DJI so the phone can simultaneously livestream from a camera and a drone and work as THE viewfinder for both considering the size of the screen. (now that's what a camera nerd would call it 'pro')
Gaurish Agrawal
Gaurish Agrawal Hace 14 horas
Ill buy that for the braided solo loop.....
Franku \
Franku \ Hace 14 horas
I just noticed your hand are huge😮
Planet 20
Planet 20 Hace 14 horas
I aplyed brother
ahmet ibrahimoğlu
ahmet ibrahimoğlu Hace 14 horas
Mr. Marques, what is diameter this phone's Censor? Thank you.
Mosomi80 Hace 14 horas
In my opinion the best phone I ever had, good camera, holds a lot of space, good looking, very resistant, nice battery life, way better compared to Huawei phones that you use for a few months and it starts lagging
Slim Tony
Slim Tony Hace 14 horas
I wish more companies made something like Fiio with their wireless adapter that you can just plug your good IEMs into
jason Hace 14 horas
i like the touch bar and use it more and more.