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Hillslam Hace 23 horas
THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO!!! Right to Repair may be the most important tech topic / battle of our time.
M A Hace 23 horas
Thank you. As always you’re good
yash Hace un día
my boi treating this like a tech and rating it. but its great
Joshua Quaid
Joshua Quaid Hace un día
Unfortunately my camera is defected on my v60 and LG leaving the phone game they are not in stock in stores or on phone with asurion. They gave me the Samsung S21 ultra for 200 dollars and no added fees do to shortage of lg v60 phones and customer satisfaction. I only have 300 to pay off my LG so I got the s21 ultra for 500 bucks rang but I am going to miss my dual screen and my headphone jack. Video quality is best I ever had. So all of you who have LG v 60 baby it. it will be hell on earth to replace it or get it fixed. Now I am forced back to samsung I am happy to get the top phone on market for cheap but the v 60 is that good. But video headphone jack and dual screen will be missed but life is always changing going back to Samsung with a open mind. We'll see stay blessed.
David Marley
David Marley Hace un día
Two ports that’s booty
Harbor Area street preachers Jesus Christ
Harbor Area street preachers Jesus Christ Hace un día
This was a waste of time and so inaccurate already made $50000!!! Don’t listen to mainstream losers
Timothy Kramer
Timothy Kramer Hace un día
No not for me 300.00 big joke you're probably going to have to pay for that app
Jay Juggernaut
Jay Juggernaut Hace un día
OnePlus $150M Hasselblad Partnership Budget: $25M Camera Development $125M Hasselblad licensing fees
Goodwins Butchery
Goodwins Butchery Hace un día
You're the coolest sweetest relaxest youtuber anchor I've ever seen. Your reviews are very unbiased, smart choices with your words etc etc... and you're so relaxing to watch, no silly crazy facial expression, no stupid body gestures. And you look good too. Thanks for this review. I will do the check out now to buy this goddess of mobile phone. Lots of love from an Indonesian stranded in Melbourne Australia ❤️😘
Will Phoenix
Will Phoenix Hace un día
Google don’t care about its hardware that’s it
Electro Fan
Electro Fan Hace un día
I can get the Skullcandy Crushers for half the price. Who the fucking buys $550 for fuckin headphones? 🙄 Those cushions better be made of silk.
Vu Hao Nghiep
Vu Hao Nghiep Hace un día
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No More BS Please
No More BS Please Hace un día
14:22 I have to disagree. They aren't shrinking the devices to streamline parts for price or convenience, it's style. Apple is the main culprit, and companies tend to follow the highest seller. Just look at the Nexus and Pixel lines, no quality lost chipset or style wise, but highly more repairable. It's a companies choice to control repair and it shouldn't be represented in this round about sugarcoated way.
Lydia Stephen
Lydia Stephen Hace un día
Mystique Hace un día
I completely agree! I myself, feel like that there are plenty of intelligent ppl that can easily repair electronics tied to the ever changing technology . So I agree, totally that as consumers, we , have a “ right to repair.” I am in the forks of repainting electronics, as swell as keeping up- to- date with technology. 🙌🙌🙌🙌
A A Hace un día
Another ESpostr going to get sued by Apple
A A Hace un día
I better have the right to repair my body by doing surgery, but can't do it with my damn iPhone
patchoulipeach Hace un día
The iPhone 5 was my all time favorite phone. I’ve had an iPhone 6 Plus that my grandma gave me when she was done with it 3 years ago. I had android for a few years before that. I’m definitely wanting the 12, I’m impressed. I want that nostalgic feel so bad. It’s an iphone 5 of the future lol
R Cook
R Cook Hace un día
The major untouched issue here is the fact that we are in a strange transition period where the generalized decrease in the rate of profit is pushing more and more companies to obtain profit via rent and subscriptions, more than the profit of the device itself (if there is even profit to be made here, some devices are sold at loss).
Posiepie Hace un día
I look and I think...so uh something changed?
Cray Fish
Cray Fish Hace un día
I suddenly want an ipad air 2....
life with deelii
life with deelii Hace un día
Got mine on my Motorola today
Roberto Fx
Roberto Fx Hace un día
Where my 480p people at :)
Yuriy Kartuzov
Yuriy Kartuzov Hace un día
oh that jump zoom is getting pretty annoying, please lighten up on it. It shouldn't be so obvious for the purpose of stressing the importance of what is being said. You gotta go sublim
Nish Hace un día
Apple are definitely two steps forward one step back.
Nestor Velasquez Jr
Nestor Velasquez Jr Hace un día
Frank Anderson
Frank Anderson Hace un día
the right to repair is the greatest godamn thing
我是习近平 Hace un día
I just want a pixel with a large screen and a flagship processor like a 865+ or a 888 maybe a 870
Brady McKay
Brady McKay Hace un día
Me who got them when they were $80 off
Benny Lam
Benny Lam Hace un día
This is called "planned obsolescence"
[CODEWORD] Hace un día
As german and as knowing production plants of automotive industrie, this factory of Tesla looks like a playground. Also it is absolutly necessary for all employees and visitors to wear safty shoes and vests.
Covid Delusion B117
Covid Delusion B117 Hace un día
He just made me switch from my Nokia E63 to a iPhone XS
They were dead when I got there
They were dead when I got there Hace un día
I will never buy another iPhone. Going linux
Target 06
Target 06 Hace un día
4:59 Six*
Nathaniel Joseph
Nathaniel Joseph Hace un día
Me: tries to change setting to 8k My computer: yeah I don't think so buddy
droplettt Hace un día
I’ve always been wondering how his videos look so good. Now I know, it’s because he switched to Windows 7 home premium in 2009.
J G Hace un día
I was gonna say congrats on 14 million just wait till 15 million subs
Kusuma Wijaya
Kusuma Wijaya Hace un día
My only lg phone is lg on clamshell
MarcMil Hace un día
If Tesla really cared about safety they wouldn't call their thing "Autopilot".
Gijs Schenk
Gijs Schenk Hace un día
We should have the right to repair, but companies shouldn't be forced to help us with that.
Sahil Singh
Sahil Singh Hace un día
For me personally ewaste is the biggest problem. Using electronics for a smaller amount of time when small repairs could have enhanced the life by a lot is criminal. That's a crime against the environment.
Kusuma Wijaya
Kusuma Wijaya Hace un día
When mac make documentary
Anders Nielsen
Anders Nielsen Hace un día
I had a Nexus 5 and it had really poor batteries life and the camera would occasionally stop working. Also had it lockup on a few occasions so not a great phone.
Арсений Hace un día
When we are talking about companies limiting right to repair for the sake of safety, I think it is a bit of a fallacy. Safety shouldn't be in the hands of the corporations in the first place. It is not their purpose to make sure people are safe, they are only there to make profit. And it is fine, it is by design. We have government regulations to insure safety. And good thing about those - they are not bound to single company and allow for free market competition for repair and maintenance.
SirBumRush Hace un día
It only takes a small needle to burst the bubble. I own an iPhone but after it broke on me, and needing to drop $400 to repair a broken screen for a X model, I say no more. When this phone kicks the bucket, I’m no longer participating in this circus.
Sharear Shopnil
Sharear Shopnil Hace un día
I'm just commenting for this to be boosted. ✊✊
Reptilian Brother
Reptilian Brother Hace un día
As long as a device ist made out of more than 1 part, independent repair shops have a place in the world.
tropicaltracer 202020
tropicaltracer 202020 Hace un día
Lately this has become an issue with Gaming too, namely gaming consoles. The modern consoles have limitations implemented to prevent future games playing on these consoles once the online authentication to that console is taken offline. As exampled by Microsoft, with its current one-time authentication (when setting up a new console for the first time), however, for new players in the future, they likely won't be able to access those old consoles because they can't set up a new account on an older console when it goes offline (and someday it will - nothing lasts forever) With Sony, of recent, it was discovered that when the internal clock CMOS battery dies and you can't resync to the Sony Servers (when those servers go offline to each respectful console), it will lose access to your digital games and DLC on the PS3, and not only that, but both Physical and Digital games on PS4 amd PS5 won't play/load as at currently known of the similar issues at current, with testing by others online. A lot of games are available as digital only and may not be perserved in the future due to this. And I suspect console makers, namely Microsoft, are looking into planned obsolence to promote the future of digital streaming games. It seems very likely that Game Console Makers/Game Companies are moving toward non-ownership of gaming to be enforced, similar as the movie industry did when Netflix came along and Disney eventually shoehorned to take it over.
Ahmed Tarek
Ahmed Tarek Hace un día
we don't ship a charger because earth, but when our crap breaks make sure to throw it in the garbage that it belongs to
Jesus S
Jesus S Hace un día
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Jesus S Hace un día
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7dim Hace un día
David Andre Manuel
David Andre Manuel Hace un día
Pyramid scheme done in a different way.
captain America
captain America Hace un día
*Use unixhack by 1ñstaG to fix any dévice*
Kai Park
Kai Park Hace un día
Apple: Sells $999 metal L Reddit: *ANGER*
Ruben Alberto Sosa
Ruben Alberto Sosa Hace un día
i'm glad that you went ahead an put a bit of light into anti-user practices
Jesus S
Jesus S Hace un día
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Aaron Yiu
Aaron Yiu Hace un día
Ok, just flex them unions why dont you.
HAHA ! Hace un día
Honestly that thing is ugly af
Jesus S
Jesus S Hace un día
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António Pós-de-Mina
António Pós-de-Mina Hace un día
My professional skills are not valid if I do not pay a fee to the brands to have a badge for "official / professional repair", it is at least strange. The same applies if you have the skills to repair what I bought. Excellent topic of discussion.
Thomas George
Thomas George Hace un día
I have an iphone. But I hardly use any Iphone apps in its ‘ecosystem’. Its overated.
Luis G.
Luis G. Hace un día
LG G4. Working since 2015. Repaired it serveral times Good performance. That's proof we can have complex devices made with the posibility of repairing them in mind I've changed my phone's: - Battery (x4), just pop the pack and replace it. No glue or screw. - Camera lens protector - Back cover - Wireless charging coil - Motherboard - Volume and power buttons - Camera's LEDs/Flash - Camera's IR Laser
CorWoods Hace un día
Question if I have a 4K tv should I get a 2.1 hdmi wire or will the ps5 hd wire will be good enough ?
SomeOne Hace un día
Apple doesn't even want to help their customers to get their data ....but people still by it ...I will live my whole life without giving them a single penny...f..k apple
butch makgalemele
butch makgalemele Hace un día
I was hypnotized.....you didn't get thise many subs for nothing.....I'm convinced...long time Samsung user...im gonna switch
Project Brickell
Project Brickell Hace un día
Elon watching this like “I let you interview me 😢”
Freak Scum
Freak Scum Hace un día
don't need a headphone jack anymore. A wire stuff is useless
endrizo Hace un día
the phone industry killed the quality audio 3.5 jack to give space to the trending dedicated hi res players. LG phones are dead now... audiophile sound is dead. sheeple care shit about quality audio...they buy shit overpriced iphones with shitty SBC codec bluetooth shitphones. And now they are also killing the micro sd memory card... and sheeple applaud saying thats progress... sheeple are stupid.
Light Mechanic
Light Mechanic Hace un día
Simplified John Deere issue. $500,000 combine or tractor completely stops working because 1 of 250 sensors somewhere sends a code oto the ECU or is faulty. John Deere doesn't want the farmer to have software or system access to diagnose the problem and replace the sensor to get back to work. The framer would buy the JD part in the blink of an eye. JD just doesn't want him to see the codes to know what to do. The farmer can't wait 2 weeks for the JD technician to get around to his combine or tractor and then another week to 'order the $100 part'. The farmer would have less problem with the situation if JD tech was on site in an hour and had a van full of the most common replacement parts, but that's not the case.
Katherine Elizabeth
Katherine Elizabeth Hace un día
Ufff, I want a Homepod Mini but I'm so scared they're going to update them at WWDC so it's all my willpower I can muster to hold on until next month :)
backyardbasher Hace un día
I would love an iPhone because they work so well, this videos explains why I never will.
Evan N
Evan N Hace un día
Here’s the thing. Make your parts competitive enough (as in high enough quality and a reasonable price) and you as a company would never have to worry about someone going to a third party company to fix their stuff
golfmaniac007 Hace un día
My thoughts on the 12 pro coming from 7 plus. 12 feels bulky and heavier than 7 plus. 7plus felt slicker and modern vs 12. The 12 reminds me of the 4S but bigger. Now my one big complaint about the 12 and its a huge one is the facial recognition. Apple should never have gotten away from it. That home button was just so useful in turn on and fingerprint security. The facial recognition is just horrible everyday use. I turned the feature off cuz i detest so much. Imagine risk losing phone cuz u hate the facial recognition security so much
Ashton Lovell
Ashton Lovell Hace un día
Finally someone has acknowledged Louis! He has a very informative channel -I've been following him for a couple years now. Nice!