AirPods Max Unboxing & Impressions: $550?!

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Hace 2 meses

AirPods Max: Apple just dropped a surprise set of $549 ultra premium noise cancelling headphones. This is everything you need to know!
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Headphones provided by Apple for review.

Angel Lopez Suarez
Angel Lopez Suarez Hace 4 horas
what next you have to buy the box its self smh apple is a rip off now no cube really bro
TheKillzone1511 Hace 5 horas
can these be used for PC?
TheKillzone1511 Hace 5 horas
how are they with people with big ears?
Alyeah Hace 10 horas
No thanks. Nothing will ever beat Crusher wireless
Hanzala Zahid
Hanzala Zahid Hace 16 horas
2:18 we hear that sound in airplanes while flying
Jesse Gutierrez
Jesse Gutierrez Hace 19 horas
Can anyone on this planet who isn't a scam artist tell me why it could possibly cost as much as a PS5? How much are the parts they use? Is it really 100% noise canceling? I really want some headphones that have 100% noise cancelation, anyone have any names?
Kai Park
Kai Park Hace un día
Farhad Alraisi
Farhad Alraisi Hace un día
So apple wants us to buy a headphone for a 550 dollars The razer kraken might even be beter
PanDorA Hace un día
They should call them Tide Pods
hermit Hace 2 días
500 $ will buy me a moped and I'll rent that and make money
Fusion 360
Fusion 360 Hace 2 días
For $550 I would want me some Apple sticker
Edvin Karlsson
Edvin Karlsson Hace 2 días
1:27 ”So we can admire that too in all of its, ehm... glory”
S S Hace 2 días
If you wear these you are telling the world you have more money than sense and are a dick
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis Hace 2 días
These are incredibly ridiculous for the price. The case is a joke. They should come standard with an additional set of ear pads (your color choice). And extra $70 for that? Highway robbery. Imma just happily stick with my AirPods Pro thank you. Sheesh.
T111 Hace 2 días
Or you could just stop paying for logos
cpwaves Hace 3 días
4:54 Nice
Stevie Owen
Stevie Owen Hace 3 días
Can it be used while gaming
Forstaken Hace 3 días
Just buy beats these aren’t any different and beats are cheaper 😂😂😂
T111 Hace 2 días
Beats are trash bud
Erika Fontaine
Erika Fontaine Hace 3 días
Fast forward.
Rage Quit
Rage Quit Hace 3 días
I love to think about that you can buy a Gaming PC for that Price
Kristofers Venens
Kristofers Venens Hace 3 días
im confused so whats so smart about the case ....
DittoMewmew Hace 3 días
$550 just for headphones-
Leon T
Leon T Hace 4 días
For $550 I better get 8D audio controls and a new case
Dawson Lawrence
Dawson Lawrence Hace 4 días
Over priced just get some beats at that point
T111 Hace 2 días
Beats cost 10 dollars to make, buy some real headphones ur buying a logo when u buy beats, it isnt for music
Rj Rajmon
Rj Rajmon Hace 4 días
Thanku bro❤️❤️❤️
GuyMrBad Hace 4 días
Dude I’m buying a ps5 for this price 😂
Anime fan
Anime fan Hace 5 días
For $550 dollar's, i would rather save my money then buy the "airpods max".
Stef74 Hace 5 días
Ugly as hell!
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever Hace 5 días
Let’s be real, they look like shit
David Mkwizu
David Mkwizu Hace 5 días
Is the clock always at quarter to .
Nixon Hace 6 días
Can you connect them to windows with bluetooth?
Hector Cordero
Hector Cordero Hace 6 días
Beats did it first though with wireless headphone game
Tsubocheeg Aveyan
Tsubocheeg Aveyan Hace 6 días
Whereis my comment lol Red audio techica m50 in the background?
afromarco005 Hace 6 días
69$ for earpads ? really? 😐
AllinOneBd Hace 7 días
Kyle Myhand
Kyle Myhand Hace 7 días
if apple now owns beats, why are they dropping a pair of over ear headphones?
Sages 101
Sages 101 Hace 7 días
That's about 770 CAD. Like tf, I can afford it doesn't mean I'm willing to spend nearly a grand on headphones. But what do you expect from apple I guess..
i miss tae
i miss tae Hace 7 días
Wth that airpods case look like bra 🐸
NOAH NATHAN Hace 8 días
69 hahahaha
King J. MD
King J. MD Hace 8 días
....Wow! $550.00?!! Sheesh. My Bose will continue to do just fine
Israel Ochoa
Israel Ochoa Hace 8 días
those are one of the ugliest headphones i have ever seen. I would have thought he bought them at a swap meet for .50 cents
Inhaledclayclay Hace 8 días
Those look like something you would get from a McDonald’s happy meal.
T111 Hace 2 días
Probably cost the same to make these as a happy meal about 5 dollars, its garbage
tjonsurbe Hace 8 días
tjonsurbe Hace 8 días
550$ in the audiophile world isn't jack shit, so stop complaining
T111 Hace 2 días
These arent audiophile headphones, these are for people who like shitty headphones but buy for the logo
Yams Andy
Yams Andy Hace 8 días
To replace the Earcups you must buy them with a cost of 69$? Yeah nah I'm good
apple how 2's
apple how 2's Hace 9 días
They are ugly tho
NotaYouTuber Hace 9 días
For over $500 they should include a charging block; that’s mind boggling.
The Stinky Cheese Man
The Stinky Cheese Man Hace 9 días
The case in conjunction with the ear cups, look like prime breeding grounds for bacteria . . .
seaships Hace 9 días
These vs Sennheiser HD 598 for sound quality please
T111 Hace 2 días
These arent for sound quality
Michael Hace 10 días
They look like the headphones used for gun practice
Yeayea Hace 10 días
I ordered the blue, and previously didn’t like the green but for whatever reason when I clicked on this video and saw them... I like the green now.
다알어 Hace 10 días
The adjoining milk jelly crush because macaroni peroperativly bow till a filthy kitchen. tearful, inquisitive fiberglass
suberI2I Hace 11 días
You know how many lego sets I could buy with that money
Judah Lucas
Judah Lucas Hace 11 días
I’m not gonna lie they are very ugly
J M Hace 12 días
I like to know what it cost to get new pads on the competitor head phones.
A Sultan
A Sultan Hace 12 días
once you said keep the smart phone 2feet away while u sleeping because of Rays, and now you created a earbuds for both side of your brain, such a smart way to cook your brain such a smart way to having Rays one your Pulse average 12 hours a day. such a smart way to make new generation dumb to dumber.
S U Hace 12 días
Ipraku Hace 12 días
I’ll get a ps5 instead .
DeBloxy Hace 12 días
I dont understand why did he say its minty green its pink!
Cristian Prisneac
Cristian Prisneac Hace 13 días
Famous Apple quote: "A product a day takes your money away."
Unus Annus
Unus Annus Hace 9 días
@EYAD ELTOHAMY omfg i can't 😂😂😂
EYAD ELTOHAMY Hace 10 días
It’s: an apple product a year makes your money disappear
Zang Hace 13 días
For 550 kangaroos I better hear victoria’s secret
Democrats Are just nazis
Democrats Are just nazis Hace 14 días
I can explain how garbage this is
CJ Hace 14 días
"ight boys I'm about to head to the shooting range"
edwardandeli Hace 15 días
Every tech ESpostr is cautioning against buying these. I watched _all_ of the AirPods Max reviews and they all say to buy Sony or Bose instead-more bang for my buck. So, after careful consideration, I bought the AirPods Max.
Gabriel Hugges
Gabriel Hugges Hace 15 días
Meanwhile my sony WH1000XM4s has 36 hours of battery life, can charge from 0 to 100 in 2 hours, alexa built in, has tge ability to customize your sound through an app, can pause your song when u take off the headphones and resumes when you out em back on, and when you put the palm of your hand on the cup, it will turn the volune down to talk to someone. All for the price of $350.
Elite Casting
Elite Casting Hace 15 días
Nobody wants that trash. Apple all day.
Nerdv3 Nerdv4
Nerdv3 Nerdv4 Hace 15 días
The first thing I see is a bra case
moreno kuiko
moreno kuiko Hace 15 días
daily bumps
Paul B
Paul B Hace 15 días
They are so ugly
Joaquin Beckmann
Joaquin Beckmann Hace 15 días
For 550$ I better be able to hear sign language
Kez. Hace 15 días
to the people who have actually bought them? is the sound worth it? I’m thinking of buying them and I loooove headphones with great sound quality
Elite Casting
Elite Casting Hace 15 días
Just brought them today. The noise canceling is amazing, there’s no audio leakage, the sound is pretty damn good. Only thing I don’t like is the material on the earcups.
sidscho Hace 15 días
Airboobs with bra case
Jose E perez
Jose E perez Hace 15 días
They copy from old headphone
AM Australia
AM Australia Hace 16 días
MKBHD: reviews Airpods Max MrWhoseTheBoss: *I predicted it a long time ago, kid.*
arolianie Hace 16 días
they're really ripping us off...$550??!!
Elite Casting
Elite Casting Hace 15 días
Don’t buy them. I’m enjoying them, worth the price.
Dragonus Uralis
Dragonus Uralis Hace 16 días
Why does he use it if his fans hate it... I’m so confused
Mitch Alexander
Mitch Alexander Hace 16 días
Those Are Ugly ... $550.00 🤯... why?!?
Urnd Fdj
Urnd Fdj Hace 16 días
The wanting lettuce densply blot because glove traditionally crash before a grumpy brass. dry, well-made employee
Mr Sid
Mr Sid Hace 17 días
Yall acting like it’s for the average consumer 😂
Just Some Guy Who Likes DxD
Just Some Guy Who Likes DxD Hace 18 días
Still cheaper than a set of wheels
Nisshoku no Hana
Nisshoku no Hana Hace 19 días
Hey can you try out neurophones their type of headphone
SoMEboDY Hace 19 días
I can’t afford this just why Apple?
JorgeRacer Hace 18 días
There is 100-200$ gaming headsets that are way better for example the 2018 Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is better it has a dongle that you can use on a PS3-PS4-PS5 or you can buy a adapter to connect the dongle to the iPhone! Trust me i recommend you to buy the 2018 PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset they cost 160$ but you can get them on sale for 60-80$! And its more confortable and better performing!
hi there
hi there Hace 20 días
just to CHARGE the headphones you need to pay $585... damm
13 Mustafa Shamsi
13 Mustafa Shamsi Hace 20 días
Jorge Pinto
Jorge Pinto Hace 21 un día
I love the case. Compact and easy
Lil gusto
Lil gusto Hace 21 un día
Beats by Steve
ultragore pictures
ultragore pictures Hace 21 un día
Just ordered the HUAWEI Freebuds Studio headphones instead, I found this Apple headset too "girlies" with that smart bag etc, I'm convinced that a certain group of people would love this headphone though :-)
abroham lincoln
abroham lincoln Hace 22 días
If apple sold a car it would be overpriced and youd have to pay extra for the steering wheel and gas pedals
Sarrah DaLew
Sarrah DaLew Hace 22 días
Yeah this is a no from me a waste of money for sure. I’ll wait for the water resistant, bendable/foldable version with touch features they’ll most likely will release this year🙄 I’m over the games apple
shawn michael
shawn michael Hace 22 días
They could have called them apple studios. That’s a way better name than AirPods Max
Anderson L Easom
Anderson L Easom Hace 22 días
For a second I was like 386lb.
Roscoe Hace 22 días
😂😂😂 $550 😂😂😂
Arcadia Hace 22 días
i would choose a ps5 over this
Matin Sayed
Matin Sayed Hace 22 días
Shitpods 💩👎
The blue Dreamer
The blue Dreamer Hace 22 días
The case looks like a bra 😂
Zat Hace 23 días
theyre ugly, overpriced and under equipped.
William Faix
William Faix Hace 24 días
I think the green gets too much flack. Silver still holds the crown for best color tho.
Yeetasaurusyeet Hace 24 días
Costs more than my new (not pro thought) iPad 7th gen
Tony M
Tony M Hace 24 días
I would rather spend $550 on a ps5 than that
Ayyub Siddiqui
Ayyub Siddiqui Hace 24 días
But that's just the most apple thing: If ea, microsoft, and apple joined forces, it would not only ruin the value of money in the whole world, it would not only make most of the world die of hunger, it would make even an edible apple cost 5844764936484736847737873$ if u get it for super cheap, otherwise it would cost 748293647392746838464937473983738747397648384749926948$ it would break the economy
Karan Hace 25 días
Are these for shooting range?
Calm Breeze
Calm Breeze Hace 25 días
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