Dear Electric Cars!

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Amid Apple Project Titan rumors... let's talk about future electric cars!
Porsche Taycan story:
Tesla vs Ford beef:
Gas vs electric range graph:
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Garry Myers
Garry Myers Hace 12 horas
Marques for president
Max Suese
Max Suese Hace un día
Electric cars are coming and they are coming fast and they all if there going to make it they got to all make it Rick and Morty yeh
Leon Wu
Leon Wu Hace un día
Hey, take a look at China Shanghai and some Chinese electronic cars. Some of things you talked about are happening right now.
Bunce Robert
Bunce Robert Hace 2 días
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Nsd Fancy
Nsd Fancy Hace 3 días
How unlucky you are to make this video a couple weeks before the new model s lol
Random Person
Random Person Hace 3 días
Tesla is basically apple in cars because you can't charge other cars with their chargers
Robert Briones
Robert Briones Hace 5 días
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lolerno_oofanna Hace 6 días
Although electric cars are good and maybe are cars of the future, but at the moment in my country i think the best are hybrid cars because for everyday use in the city you use the electric mode, but when you go on a road trip you do the gas mode because there arent electric chargers here
M ark
M ark Hace 6 días
the best summary speech for E-cars, thanks, hopefully every electric car company will see this Marques ! :)
Magnus N
Magnus N Hace 6 días
Great video (as always) Marques, but Imma have to disagree with you here ever so slightly. I've been running an independent car sales store for years and live in the easily most EV-populated country in the world, Norway. A couple of years back I'd agree on the fact that range is the biggest caveat of electric cars, but it's not anymore, not on newer cars anyway. Ask yourself: when was the last time you ran a full tank of gasoline in your car in one day? I've probably done it once or twice in my life, and it takes some pretty long and spirited driving to do so. Most people don't need 500km+ of range in a trip, although it might be different in bigger countries like the US. The fact that you'd rather have a Taycan if it could use the chargers is a testament to just that; range isn't everything. The biggest drawback in my opinion is by far the charge speed, which seems a little left out of the equation here. A gasoline car can be filled within a minute or two, whereas a Tesla can be supercharged to 80% in ~30 minutes, which is a pretty long time if you're going somewhere. This is probably also why the Taycan has focused on achieving faster charging than any Tesla, cutting the charge time to 80% capacity to 15 minutes. Cut that in half again, and we're (literally) going places. This, of course, raises the question of charger availability as you mentioned, and a universal standard like petrol for petrol cars needs to happen, no question about it. Having driven both the Tesla and Taycan Turbo I can't phantom why you're still rocking the Tesla - but I guess the charge network is different where you live. Anyways, EVs are one of the most exciting developments of this time, and with the tech advancements I'm certain it will revolutionise the way we travel some day.
hAk Hace 6 días
there should have been an international EV committee to decide on the supercharger standards, battery standards etc. something like what the USB group does. provide a common supercharger station and charger specs for all EV car manufacturers and third party component manufacturers to refer to as the blueprint. right now if Tesla wants to play big brother then they should start this committee otherwise it's just a slow messy progress for the EV industry.
Bhagirath Priyavrat
Bhagirath Priyavrat Hace 7 días
Honestly the US and the world as a whole needs to decide a single standard for charging, like we have with type C in almost all of the smartphones. This whole compatibility wars are gonna do nothing but delay the proliferation of EVs.
fmint63 ExtraOrdinar
fmint63 ExtraOrdinar Hace 8 días
They'd have to PAY Tesla like Apple have to pay Samsung for their screens simple, and Porsche is like Apple you can Only use their products
The Alfonso Nation
The Alfonso Nation Hace 8 días
Apple Car will be a breakthrough innovation. It will be very expensive...but it will be phenomenal. I’m calling it now.
tdebug Hace 8 días
My point exactly. In the EU the situation is much worse, as Tesla supercharging network is virtually non-existent and all the other EV cars have ridiculous range. Like really when I look on all those Mercedes, VW and audi, priced 100k€ offering only 300-400km range (on paper) it make me think why they even sell those. You can barely meet any of those on the streets, which means - I am not the only one who doesn't understand why. Availability of charging stations as well the charging time is a very, very valid point as well. If you need many hours to charge your car, that changes a lot and means that first you must have a charger at home (could be slow, but it is a must - no buts or questions asked) and also have an option to do super-hyper-quantum charge in a few minutes all over the country freely available. Before that people will just buy a petrol car if they need a car.
Eduards Robežnieks
Eduards Robežnieks Hace 8 días
I feel like some companies just release bad electric cars so people keep buying gas versions
Brian Fudge
Brian Fudge Hace 8 días
Next car will be fully EV. It will be a Tesla as well. By the time I get a Tesla the range should be around 850 - 1000 Miles. I won't buy anything under 500 Miles range.
Paul McGreevy
Paul McGreevy Hace 9 días
Tesla will allow other users to their super chargers if they are willing to contribute to their cost.
Matthew Cusanelli
Matthew Cusanelli Hace 10 días
The most important thing electric car companies need to understand: Affordability. Once you go over 30k its not considered "affordable". If you aren't trying to create an electric car that has a 25k OTD price, then you are doing everything wrong. Tesla still has yet to bring these cars to the masses.
Gwen Andersen
Gwen Andersen Hace 10 días
I think it is much more important that the cars be affordable than that they have >200 mile range. I have a Model 3. I don’t need greater range. Really. How often do I go 250 miles? Not often, and when I do, I can charge a lot more easily than I could have paid an extra $10k.
usualusername99 Hace 10 días
Hydrogen is the future. Better for the environment and you can refuel in 2 mins!
hassan Khan
hassan Khan Hace 11 días
The thing is petrol station (gas stations) aren't built by the manufacturer. Arguably energy companies should be partnering with car companies to install chargers in their stations. It would be a great way to move away from fossil fuels too
sleeping crocodile
sleeping crocodile Hace 13 días
Why should we buy an electric car if we can convert old car to a electric car 🤔🤔.
Eter Wael
Eter Wael Hace 13 días
I dont understand why EV cars have to be luxury and over priced. Dont they also want to sell to us piece of shits in the comment section?
Dipesh Jaisi Poudel
Dipesh Jaisi Poudel Hace 14 días
Why aren't there charging highways, roads that can charge cars when they are on it. Drive 3/4 km on it and you will have full charge and then drive on normal highway.
R.R. Hace 15 días
what do you think about hydrogen cars. You can fill them up quickly and you could use the regular gas stations for that. they don't have environmentally unfriendly batteries and they don't emit CO2. I think they should be put more in the spotlight.
Scruffz Hace 16 días
Esmeralda Khufra
Esmeralda Khufra Hace 16 días
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24Elliottwaves Hace 17 días
Can someone tell me why I keep believing that Ford will at one point steal the top spot EV race like a best rugby team? Please Marques I would like to know your thoughts. In the meantime, I will continue to add Ford stocks to my calculated risky portfolio. Love you all.
24Elliottwaves Hace 16 días
@R!dham Hiragar Thanks R!DHAM, I like your reply. I believe Ford will up their game when it comes to R&D. May be, may be. We will see.
R!dham Hiragar
R!dham Hiragar Hace 16 días
its not feelings its all about great R & D team and engineers. if you have the best engineers on your team grea things are possible and i DONT think ford will have those ..tesla tops many charts when it comes to popularity
eclektric Hace 17 días
But electric trucks that can tow 5000 lbs is so far away
Sandy Thomas
Sandy Thomas Hace 17 días
I like the sentiment of this video Marques! Lets have these companies team up and get past the race to have the best system/infrastructure and be exclusive. It is for the betterment of everyone that we get more drivers using electric cars, and that takes collaboration from the big companies /manufacturers. Totally agree!!
Josh’s Tech X
Josh’s Tech X Hace 17 días
Good information!!
Abrar Ur Alam
Abrar Ur Alam Hace 17 días
Should have mentioned about Aptera's new electric car with potentially *infinite* range.
Userext47 Hace 18 días
Pretty sure other EV companies avoid tesla's charger network because of the fees tesla asks for them. Tesla isn't stupid, they know their appeal is half due to their charger coverage. If they gave that away for a cheap price then they would lose their edge. It's quite possible that tesla asks for too much cut that it's not profitable for other car producers.
Michael Kinney
Michael Kinney Hace 18 días
Problem with electric cars is that charging them takes a ton of time. For instance a gas car that drives 600 miles on one tank of gas can be completely refilled in 5 minutes at any gas station unlike electric cars. I think electric cars will be more popular when they charge faster.
matthew phillips
matthew phillips Hace 18 días
Dear utility companies, start installing your own charger networks like the electricity companies in Europe
Ivanski Hace 18 días
as long as i have to charge my car more than 1 min or so ... no electric cars as far as i am concern...
CosmicColonist Hace 18 días
I am 17, Can't buy a car...But I am 99% Sure my first car will be tesla or any other electric car which is compatible with tesla charging
CosmicColonist Hace 18 días
WHy Is THe InTrO WhITe ? mY EyEs HuRtsS
Jassin Hace 17 días
Nancey Rowen
Nancey Rowen Hace 18 días
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Scott Nope
Scott Nope Hace 19 días
200 miles for $10,000 no, really? FYI I did 130 miles in Hyundai EV on one charge. Hyundai > Porsche.
MARTIN ORTIZ Hace 19 días
@MKBHD its a very interesting analisys what you have done, but, from an outside US perspective, maybe you're looking things in this complex industrie in a very american point of view. I will do my best to explain it. Look, car companies, even american ones are not going to surrender to a tech companie as Tesla. They are going to fight to do cars and all the enviroment that surrounds electric cars, as independent from Tesla as they could. Then we can say that today Tesla is not competing with any car brand (even though in some niche markets they're trying). Tesla is a tech brand after all, that is in some way trying to replicate Apple's business model. So we can say that Tesla's behavior is different from mainstrean car brands. The real challenge for Tesla is going to be if they can succed as Apple in the car business. And we can't forget that someday Apple and Google are going to enter in the industrie too. So, will be Tesla prepared enough to fight with car brands in one side and with the tech giants on the other side? Until today they're doing things really well, but i'm not so sure if that will be enough to be the dominant player, and win the battle against car brands and tech giants as Apple at the same time. And on the other hand, in underdevelop countries electric cars are a very expensive solution, so Hybrids or PHEV cars will fit much better in those modest realities.
John 1
John 1 Hace 19 días
My first car will be sure electric. I think i will buy the 20 k Tesla when ist comes, first for the super Chargeing system
Ravi Hace 19 días
I hate electrical vehicle, I think old is better then modern technology 🔥
Jonathan Reich
Jonathan Reich Hace 20 días
Great video. You exactly addressed my concerns with EVs. I need them to have at least 400 miles of range, good reliability and the knowledge that I can "fill up" if I'm going on a trip.
Barry Jennings
Barry Jennings Hace 20 días
With the majority of electricity still coming from coal and natural gas; I still don't understand how this is considered to be a clean technology.
Ronsted Hace 20 días
We're moving towards renewable energy sources every day. It may not be 100% clean yet (depends a lot on where you live), but even if you were to get *all* the electritcity from a coal plant, it would still be cleaner than any gas car. The reason why is because they are bigger than internal combustion engines, bigger things don't waste as much energy staying hot and that makes them more efficient.
Apidea Hace 20 días
Aptera > Tesla
SuperGirl1970 Carver
SuperGirl1970 Carver Hace 21 un día
real test of an electric car battery is to drive from san diego CA to New York.
MrMacwoodard Hace 21 un día
I heard Nascar is going full electric. They have already started cutting slots in some of the tracks.
ImperialMouse Hace 20 días
Damn I wish ESpost had paid and free awards like Reddit this it a perfect time for them
Photo By
Photo By Hace 21 un día
No no no no no no no......... It's not Porsches fault, or any other electric car brands fault that they can't use tesla chargers..... It's tesla!!!. They are a greedy, evil corporation.. Just like Apple.. And that tweet you sent out and elon musk tweeded back, that "they are, but its low key".. That's his fault.. He doesn't want it to build into something big.. He wants his vehicles, his name, his company to be the best, and ONLY the best... It's just like Apple. They both want to be on top, and hope to be the only brand of said items us people could be to able purchase one day.... They want a MONOPOLY!!!!!!! To be the ONLY ONE'S there!!!
Zaxaha Hace 21 un día
My next car.... Definitely not. It's not yet practical. The price is still not competitive. Hooking up music and subs would kill the battery/cause adverse effects. For that price I'd prefer a Lexus that will provide premium build quality, above average reliability, and I would still pocket 20 grand. Keep your e cars
chandler kirsch
chandler kirsch Hace 22 días
Marques! Please look at the Aptera! You can buy up to 1000 mile range!
ubiquitous 5627
ubiquitous 5627 Hace 22 días
Is no longer californian, they are now texans.
Jon Read
Jon Read Hace 22 días
So are you basically saying that you hope tesla carries on being a company who's products are only available for rich people who can afford to buy $70k cars? Personally I think it'd be in their best interests to focus getting their prices as low as possible so more people can afford to buy them.
Ronsted Hace 20 días
The cheapest Tesla right now is around $35k, and who says you have to get a Tesla? There are plenty of other great alternatives. Also, don't forget the upright cost of an EV is usually higher because of the battery. But in the long-run you do save a lot of money because an EV requieres less maintenance, no gas, no oil changes, less moving parts etc..
Taret Time
Taret Time Hace 22 días
I remember hearing apple was working on a car in like 2005
Ernests Kiziks
Ernests Kiziks Hace 22 días
But your talking about the “super charger “network being big but it’s big just in us in Europe there are more non Tesla chargers
Ernests Kiziks
Ernests Kiziks Hace 22 días
It’s fake news about the Tycan you can even drive that long on single charge
Theodore Haskins
Theodore Haskins Hace 22 días
So great video thanks for posting, I think you’re right on about the advantages of having use of the Tesla Supercharger network! So when I bought my Tesla Model 3 back in 2018 I had to drive 17 miles to the nearest Supercharger located in another state, so I had to pay a premium in tolls to get there & today I have 2 new Superchargers located within 5 miles of my residence! So Tesla has a distinct advantage over any emerging competition for the foreseeable future, particularly since the awareness of climate change makes it a necessity for the driving public to have an electric car, as some states like California, New Jersey & I believe Massachusetts have all said they will prohibit all new car sales of ICE cars in their states starting in 2035!
Abu Yrrbs
Abu Yrrbs Hace 22 días
@06:39 simply put: Well, business. Tesla doesn’t want any other company “infringing “ on its market dominance, 🤩
K.B Hace 23 días
Hydrogen is future not batteries.
Mahnaz Alizaee
Mahnaz Alizaee Hace 23 días
I agree
Tenten's Bad
Tenten's Bad Hace 23 días
Marques: Complementing Tesla for stations and and how long you can drive them over the big automakers Marques: *Turns head* "Oh Tesla, you thought you were safe from criticism"
Keanu Chungus
Keanu Chungus Hace 23 días
Big battery does not equal good. Who drives more than 200 miles in a day?
THE PUG GOD Hace 23 días
Hi and have a nice day
Hamza Hace 23 días
Why do Americans call it Gas when it’s a liquid ? 😂
Daxadima Hace 21 un día
@Hamza Gasoline isn't the same as a gas in the physical sense. It's just a name for the liquid. From my understanding it started as a specific brand name and just became a generalized term
Hamza Hace 21 un día
@Daxadima why do you call it gasoline when it’s a liquid though ?
Daxadima Hace 21 un día
Short for gasoline
blackcobra95 ___
blackcobra95 ___ Hace 23 días
Bitterness, Ego, and Infighting keep advancement and amazing things from happening on the inside of some of these manufacturers. Back in the 80s the Buick Grand National, a car that at one point was the fastest production car in the world and could get 30MPG or more with a turbo V6 engine was discontinued because it stepped on the Corvette's toes. A lot of Ford vehicles disappeared or were nerfed because they encroached on the Mustang. At least Chrysler is willing to give it's customers a Pickup, 2 Door, 4 Door, and SUV version with a Hellcat engine. As long as there's bitterness, jealousy and ego involved when a common goal is needed to be obtained everyone's idea is the only one and the perfect option even in the face of the best execution.
Lampin Laurels
Lampin Laurels Hace 24 días
I probably won't get a full electric car unless I can roll up and fill up in 10 minutes or less.
Mindless Wanderings
Mindless Wanderings Hace 24 días
The USB-C vs lightning comparison is good analogy but you got it backwards, Tesla's is the lightning. The world of electric cars and charging has a USB format, which has it's evolutions so there are some older types so it's like an A, B, and C issue, but they're all the common type that independent charging uses. It was Tesla who went off on their own. In North America, everyone else uses J1772 (AC) for which Tesla supply an adaptor. In Europe the standard is a similar plug, the IEC 62196 Type 2. Commonly known as the "type 2" or "Mennekes." Tesla succumb and now uses it for model 3's in Europe (S and X used the Tesla plug). For DC fast charging the standard is Combined Charging System (CCS) that is just a J1772 or Type 2 with 2 extra pins. The cars have the receptacle for both. (It's basically like having wall outlets in your house have the holes for 3 pins but each appliance might have either 2 or 3 pins on their plug). There is a 3rd type used by Japanese makers but they seem to be switching to CCS for foreign Markets. CCS has been the standard for about 10 years and pre dates Teslas superchargers. Basically, Tesla were the first big charger network in the US so it seems like they should be standard but in Europe where electric has more footing the standard type is so popular Tesla has started using it... Tesla is the company trying to have their lightning connection, everyone else is on USB. Which is better, or will be better in future, etc. are different questions.. At the moment, CCS is older so has a more limited capacity than the lastest Tesla chargers.
Kevin O'Riordan
Kevin O'Riordan Hace 24 días
No real mention on solid state batteries?
Jonathan Hace 24 días
You forgot to mention hydrogen cars.
Olivia Adel
Olivia Adel Hace 24 días
I'd love to have an electric car, only problem is, there's no supercharging stations in my country, Just Plenty of sun, and I don't want my electricity bills to go too high up tbh..
William Hace 25 días
Why did EVs feel more realistic in the last couple of years to me than now? I've only now started taking interest and they seem to be a while away from mainstream use...
my Entertainment
my Entertainment Hace 25 días
It's the same with laptops and phones. Plug in type of screen and its resolution, amount and type of ram, cpu, gpu ets. - get only handful of models as a result, choose that no too bad and not crazy expensive - check reviews are there are bad ones? Than only after that - oh let's check out how it looks :)
tono80 Hace 25 días
The Tesla superchargers are to Tesla what iMessage is to Apple. Make it open and you’ll find people flooding away from Tesla and Apple
egg Hace 25 días
Apples will probably be like 2 million lol
Take Kaution
Take Kaution Hace 25 días
I'm right there with you on the charging stations Tesla should work with everyone it's only right they're ahead of everyone else.
The Great Ammuraf
The Great Ammuraf Hace 25 días
Important note: The manufacturers estimate of miles is on the OPTIMISTIC side of things. With a colder climate, AC on, radio on, etc etc that range could be reduced up to 50%
Brett Tinder
Brett Tinder Hace 25 días
I can't wait to never buy an electric car.
brandy epps
brandy epps Hace 26 días
Great video. I watched it a month ago and I laughed so hard about the plan to go electric with executive order. I was amazed when GM said they would have a full electric lineup by 2035. Wonder who is putting all those charging spots in place.
Kirtisha Samant
Kirtisha Samant Hace 26 días
People drive double the distance if 640kms in India as a joke so all the best for future companies coming here
Reza Nabulsi
Reza Nabulsi Hace 26 días
And let’s be honest, Tesla build quality will only get better. So by the time the other companies create a good enough charging system, Tesla will have enough brand reputation to catch a lot of the market.
ian johns
ian johns Hace 25 días
I'm not so sure. Most people use their cars for commuting or short trips. They can charge at home (overnight). The VW ID4 is fantastic for fit and finish.
Monica Pierson
Monica Pierson Hace 27 días
ew a tesla owner
MR X Hace 27 días
What will be the price of apple car's wheels?
Michael Hays
Michael Hays Hace 27 días
Man I’m sure Elon is glad he never hired you!
E E Hace 27 días
It's not the range as much as it is the charge time...
dog23w Hace 27 días
Apple homes 🏠
kram Null
kram Null Hace 27 días
What doesn't make sense, is why they haven't put alternators on the brake rotors to recharge....
kriss2005 Hace 27 días
Porsche is the blackberry of Nokia days. They will always suck at software.
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force Hace 27 días
Sometimes its either you want to live in a free space air or always hear the cough cough noise. But it is going to be weird if you fall in a dish or river and get shocked by your own car.
Lestaven Hace 27 días
I doubt ev is the future of cars. The future of cars are hydrogen cars
Cory Tyson
Cory Tyson Hace 28 días
MKBHD What's your thoughts on Hybrids ? I only ever hear of gas or electric cars.
Valkor Simpson
Valkor Simpson Hace 28 días
no, range is not the most important, you're supposed to plug the car in every night
randal smith
randal smith Hace 28 días
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Christopher Zhu
Christopher Zhu Hace 28 días
I'm a huge car enthusiast and have owned everything from a supercharged Honda S2000 to a BMW M3. My next vehicle will be electric and it will be a Tesla, although my next toy may not be. A Tesla is not just an automobile, it is a system - an infrastructure product. This is similar with Apple, if I buy into the Apple ecosystem there are supporting benefits. These benefits exist because the design consideration is unified between products. The automotive industry is used to having compartmentalized development. Pistons from Mahle, Spark Plugs from Denso, Exhaust from Magna, Turbo from Borg Warner, transmission is from ZF, perhaps Tremec (if you're lucky), wheels by Enkei. Tesla is trying to integrate everything, that is why they can achieve what they are achieving for the cost they are doing it. Other automakers may never catch up...
Jack Rott
Jack Rott Hace 28 días
here is the problem with society going into an electric car age. If we all went into an electric car age we would have to have hundreds of nuclear power plants because where do u think we get our power??? it is just not going to work successfully. Mark my words
Max Ryom Hansen Quiroz
Max Ryom Hansen Quiroz Hace 28 días
Sony are making electric cars confirmed by themselves
Jakob Kenda
Jakob Kenda Hace 28 días
Yeah we need an open source car charger standard.
Gavin Snyder
Gavin Snyder Hace 28 días
I personally don’t like electric cars, I’m a car guy and a purist that thinks there’s nothing better than the hearing sound of a Naturally Aspirated V10 behind you or a Supercharged Hemi V8 roaring. But anyways I do think electric cars have a lot to improve on imo, they need to be able to travel further and they also need to have faster charging and they do need to look better and have more character in order to take over imo, Tesla’s especially because they all have the same boring look that has no beautiful design to it, we need to have some electric cars that look good, the new Porsche electric car looks great but everyone needs to have a smart mind when making these cars especially the sports cars because they’re the market that people are going to care if they’re pretty or not or if they’re fast and have a violent or fun driving experience
Water Diny
Water Diny Hace 28 días
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anthony eduarte
anthony eduarte Hace 28 días
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