Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Problems Solved!

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Marques Brownlee

Hace un mes

Galaxy S21 Ultra: All the right tweaks in all the right places.
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Phone provided by Samsung for review.

Jacob Dickson
Jacob Dickson Hace 5 horas
Samsung's lucky I'm coming back smh... I got a samsung galaxy s10+ in 2019 and got a 1 year warranty on it and no joke the day after my warranty ran out all 5 cameras front and back stopped working... They said there was no way to repair it.
Ysa Pena
Ysa Pena Hace 5 horas
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arraia lionheart
arraia lionheart Hace 7 horas
I can’t choose between the iphone 12 pro and S21 ultra help
A.B Hace 7 horas
Good phone but if you have a s20 ultra no point cuz I did and got s21 ultra other then look not really a difference not worth the money
Itsallawesome Hace 8 horas
Can’t wait for an all screen iPhone
Suzanne C
Suzanne C Hace 9 horas
Great review! I just bought the s21 Ultra 2 days ago and so far I love it. MUCH improvement over my old Note 10+
Ruben Cortez
Ruben Cortez Hace 11 horas
Is there a link to purchase that carbon fiber camera skin?
Scarry77 Hace 12 horas
How do you get so much battery life? 5 hours screen on will kill my ultra, but you still have 30-40 left?
Sam Cyanide
Sam Cyanide Hace 12 horas
Mkbhd is such a straight up dude
himi Hace 14 horas
Tripping mann. That white color has gotta be the best on this baby
Guru Gamer
Guru Gamer Hace 15 horas
better than iPhone 12 pro max ?
Gaurav Tewari
Gaurav Tewari Hace 16 horas
Switched from iphone 12 to s21 ultra and now i don't regret my decision
Alexander Ten
Alexander Ten Hace 17 horas
I have just sold my S21 Ultra... Loved everything about it except battery life!!! I had to charge it by 5pm!!!! What happened to those 5000 mAh???? And resell value of Samsung phones is also bad. I've used it for 2 weeks only but had to sell it 200$ less :(
Camilo Jimenez
Camilo Jimenez Hace 22 horas
Traded in my s9 got this for only 400+tax what a deal!
FirstPlayer Hace un día
10:00 nice
Too Legit To Quit
Too Legit To Quit Hace un día
I hate curved screens. They are irritating to use
Ian Mayle
Ian Mayle Hace un día
when you were standing on the edge of the roof dangling your phone over the rail, I felt that
amaechi osegbo
amaechi osegbo Hace un día
Just got mine.. absolutely 💯
korrick green
korrick green Hace un día
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sadhiq ali
sadhiq ali Hace un día
Samsung should implement an independent logo other than the name SAMSUNG on premium phones
Dave C
Dave C Hace un día
Raves about Samsung but Apple Watch Mac and iPhone in his pocket lmfao
KrugerOps Hace un día
Cant wait to get this next week! waiting for my delivery
Jeremiah Lim
Jeremiah Lim Hace un día
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Jeremiah Lim
Jeremiah Lim Hace un día
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sandor agustin bernal torres
sandor agustin bernal torres Hace un día
Does a lot, has no charger
BABA's DEN Hace 2 días
Got this one today.
Sterling Perry
Sterling Perry Hace 2 días
This or 12 Pro Max?
Brahmaji Yedidi
Brahmaji Yedidi Hace un día
Kim Demegillo
Kim Demegillo Hace 2 días
And an ios14 wallpaper
larry Hace 2 días
Gee same camera issue auto focus problems and the 100 zoom, no charger no headset and now no sd card slot and 40 bucks for the s pen?? Good job samcrap Samsung worst than last year glad I went with iPhone 12 Pro Max this time my s20 ultra was a disaster
Rob Bannatyne
Rob Bannatyne Hace 2 días
I've owned the S21 Ultra for a month now and I'm not sure what all the hype is about. I think I like the camera on my Pixel 4XL more. It's faster in challanging light conditions and takes a more appealing photo it's just not as high resolution. Anyway it's just my opinion, buy what makes you happy.
CJ du Toit
CJ du Toit Hace 2 días
to fix the fingerprint so that it works much better register it 2 or 3 times
Lezander Davids
Lezander Davids Hace 2 días
Richard Brink
Richard Brink Hace 2 días
Anybody know where he gets the music for his videos?
Irah Llanes
Irah Llanes Hace 3 días
How I wish that was my phone
narayan magar
narayan magar Hace 3 días
That's an awesome phone man I just go and buy that phone.
Yaribeth Vargas
Yaribeth Vargas Hace 3 días
Can you imagine how excited Apple fans will be when they get 8k video in 2035
Mohammed Rn
Mohammed Rn Hace 3 días
The best tech & amazing video.
mayrenlly montilla
mayrenlly montilla Hace 3 días
wow nice video i really like this phone
나 민영 Na Minyoung
나 민영 Na Minyoung Hace 3 días
am I the only one who got a Samsung ad?
billy786 Hace 3 días
I have used my s6 edge plus and its literally at the end. The glass gets in my fingers when i swipe. I have no memory left. It crashes daily.... i have finally ordered the Note 20 Ultra 256GB in White :D
0anant0 Hace 2 días
I am debating between S21, S21+ and Note20 Ultra to replace my Note 8. Can you tell me your reasons for choosing Note20 Ultra over S21 Ultra? The price diff is not much ($50). Thanks!
Ramon Correa
Ramon Correa Hace 3 días
When the note 21 comes out it should be amazing
0anant0 Hace 2 días
Will it ever?
DoomFinger511 Hace 3 días
Taking out the SD cards slot is a deal breaker for me. I have a 400GB card that's almost half full with pics, vids, etc. I can live without a headphone jack, but having external memory was what always made android phones a better option then iPhones for me. I'll probably grab the s20 ultra once it gets cheaper instead since it's not much different.
King Dani
King Dani Hace 3 días
5:15 who else noticed the OnePlus logo on the skin?
Chezky Friedman
Chezky Friedman Hace 3 días
Good review but I'm watching on 2x and u still talking slow
Rambo Ultra Runner
Rambo Ultra Runner Hace 4 días
jgon888 Hace 4 días
Shout out to the stand pipe @ 10:24
Vanilla Sauce
Vanilla Sauce Hace 4 días
Upgraded to this from the Galaxy S10+.
Tom Bob
Tom Bob Hace 4 días
Stop wearing ur mask, the virtue signaling is obvious
Erwin Hero
Erwin Hero Hace 4 días
10 year Samsung fan but they keep changing the default browser to their "Internet" browser without consent. Of course you can't disable or uninstall either. From a strategy perspective, I wouldn't be mad if it made business sense. However, they will never make headway on Chrome. Jeopardizing user experience and brand loyalty.
Brahmaji Yedidi
Brahmaji Yedidi Hace un día
just disable their browser using ADB shell.
TerrorBillyDanny Hace 4 días
Truly Amazing!
GH0STST4RSCR34M Hace 4 días
I still rather get the S20U over the s21U
Supriya Mondal
Supriya Mondal Hace 4 días
On this price
Supriya Mondal
Supriya Mondal Hace 4 días
Very bed ph exonos version
Stark Gamer
Stark Gamer Hace 4 días
I dont know how marques has an ascend key instead of esc key
K M Hace 4 días
how's the glass on this phone? I heard it isn't as strong as iPhone
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez Hace 4 días
Watching this on my galaxy s2
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 5 días
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steve wujek
steve wujek Hace 5 días
Almost 2 minutes of just the back of the phone...
ankit kumar
ankit kumar Hace 5 días
After youtube update , for the first time i saw your video in 4k and it is dope 🔥🔥
Jarrod Christison
Jarrod Christison Hace 5 días
People complaining about no head phone jack. Bro, if you cant afford wireless headphones then you aint buying this phone anyway, if you dont have a bluetooth connection to an audio device it clearly just isnt for you, it's not marketed for people like you, and no one cares. Upgrade your life.
Shred Boise
Shred Boise Hace 5 días
I have the s21 ultra and so far it's the worst samsung phone I've ever owned. Battery drains in 8 hours. 8hours! Just sitting around in the morning it drops to 80%. My note 10+ would have still been at 97%. It is constantly loosing it's 5G signal and going offline. Apps like youtube, audible etc are buggy. Lots of other bugs.
Robert G Walsh
Robert G Walsh Hace 5 días
Great review. I have been tossing around getting the Motorola razr and this one. I'm thinking this one is a better choice.
Trippy Toones
Trippy Toones Hace 5 días
Anonymoushackqueen on Twitter is a lifesaver. She recovered my wife’s suspended account. Someone in the comments recommended her. I can’t find who it was anymore, but thank you!
Jake Gerardo
Jake Gerardo Hace 5 días
I have S21 Ultra... I dont know if u notice that the display color gets warmer like the faces in the videos and pictures faces gets warmer and kinda yellowish even when i tone it to cooler tone. Still gets warmer. I dont know why is that. Im strict when it comes to color so yeah. Besides the color quality display everything is percect. Plus if you notice in NETFLIX some of the new Movies and shows gets dimmer and warmer.
TheCoolTemp Hace 5 días
Quick Q... so are u going to use this phone as ur daily driver instead of the iPhone 12 Pro Max? Be honest pls....
Avenrei Hace 5 días
No SD card, No 3.5mm Audio Jack and too expensive. So not the phone for me.
Lemardo Gonzalez
Lemardo Gonzalez Hace 5 días
I have a note 9, if i were to get a phone,.what would be the best phone to get the s20 ultra or the s21 ultra ?
udoy khan
udoy khan Hace 5 días
Man your videos are so cool. The intro...I am speechless!
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez Hace 6 días
Apple is way more behind than I thought, android is like 10 years ahead wtf apple 😃
J vD
J vD Hace 6 días
Why does it matter that it rocks on the table?!?!?! 9 of the 10 phones haves a case. And so what, it is not a ballet dancer that has to stay perfectly flat on the table 🤣
Sawyer Made
Sawyer Made Hace 6 días
Samsung really stepped up their game with One UI. I haven't bought a Samsung phone in years bc I hated TouchWiz so much but I ended up buying this thing and love it.
Jaco Bester
Jaco Bester Hace 6 días
How does everything in your house just looks cool?
Alex S
Alex S Hace 6 días
That camera module sticking out so far is a deal breaker for me.
mudza92 Hace 5 días
every new flagship has it nowadays
Noah Perez
Noah Perez Hace 6 días
1:36 Holding that phone over those rocks gave me anxiety.
Andrew Seodyal
Andrew Seodyal Hace 6 días
Woah Google on the home screen 🤯 Never saw that coming
Black Widow
Black Widow Hace 7 días
Need more cameras on back 😂
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar Hace 7 días
One of the main reasons I switched from Apple and stuck with samsung for a few years now is the sd card slot. I would have bought the S21 ultra if it had the expandable memory 😑 Looking at other options!
EVOLICIOUS Hace 7 días
S20 ultra 5g is literally the same device, and has a SD card slot that can take a 512gb micro SD card.
mena seven
mena seven Hace 7 días
The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a nice matt black phone.
Matt Coughlin
Matt Coughlin Hace 7 días
on my second one in 2 weeks. Bars of reception go from 5 to zero every few minutes, texts don't go through, constant problems. Second one is going Back too. Ever since I switched to an unlimited plan my service sucks.
Paul Son
Paul Son Hace 7 días
Everyone crying about the expandable storage. Guarantee that these are people who barely hit 20gb of used space
EVOLICIOUS Hace 7 días
Definitely not. These are the best cameras on a smartphone on the market, doing 8k video and more that would eat up that internal storage in minutes. It's plain stupid for smasung to limit your storage to only 512gb for the highest end model. When the s20 ultra can get up to a terabyte with a 512gb SD card.
Paul Son
Paul Son Hace 7 días
I just got mine last night! Loving it! Hating how HEAVY the phone is!!
EVOLICIOUS Hace 7 días
Maybe you need to workout more
Anas Dalgamouni
Anas Dalgamouni Hace 7 días
I wonder why a company as huge as Samsung makes an inferior interface compared to much smaller companies like Apex or Nova... They should just aquire them and that will give them huge advantage over other competitors
EVOLICIOUS Hace 7 días
Lmao, ok scammer.
M. Byrd
M. Byrd Hace 7 días
I want a Samsung but it very expensive 😂
RAMARIO Hace 7 días
Damn that’s a sexy ass phone
Sam Santos
Sam Santos Hace 7 días
*please,* make a galaxy buds pro review!
Scarry77 Hace 7 días
Where did you get the wallpaper from?
Piyush Kashyap
Piyush Kashyap Hace 7 días
what's the correct fps for 8K Marques??
EVOLICIOUS Hace 7 días
There is no "correct fps", it's only CAPABLE of 30fps on the 8k. It could do more with more power like a high end camera.
Sherlock Moys
Sherlock Moys Hace 7 días
Jeez get over yourself. Unsubscribe.
Ekara Shalom
Ekara Shalom Hace 7 días
@Marques Brownlee cool video... You need a little extra lighting from your left.... My right👍
ASIFJAN K.K Hace 7 días
ahmedmujtaba007 Hace 7 días
Flaten up display screen instead of the curve edge screen.... booooooo a big downgrade
Awais Qadri
Awais Qadri Hace 7 días
No microSD card is what kept me from buying this phone. That is a HUGE purchasing point for me
Kasino Marxs
Kasino Marxs Hace 4 días
@Awais Qadri You said a lot there, in the end, I hope you find what you're looking for... I was skeptical about not having a microSD at first too. All of my previous phones had it, & to be able to switch them out was everything. I made the sacrifice for that & bought the 256GB model. That's enuff for me. I'm a photo & video guy, and the battery life on this phone is amazing.
Kasino Marxs
Kasino Marxs Hace 4 días
@Awais Qadri LoL. In no way was I offended. I was actually laughing when I typed my last response. 😁
Awais Qadri
Awais Qadri Hace 4 días
@Kasino Marxs lol Bro i was joking don't get offended. Buying a larger capacity phone is the issue, every year manufacturers like this keeps reducing the tech. in our phones and keeps increasing the price. I remember when with a Note3 phone you could control the TV, ability to replace your battery, headphone jack, monitor real time weather, pressure, altitude, etc. with the tech that was build in the phone. Some areas don't have service (like hikers). MicroSD is a huge buying factor for me. I have over 1TB of files that i keep on hand in my card, these may include from work related files, songs, family pics and videos. Some may say buy streaming service for music, buy cloud service for files and pics, my question to them is, Why should we? Why should a consumer have to pay more monthly for a $1200+ phone investment? I don't care about having a camera with 108MP or a screen that will show a 8k resolution on a screen that small in which you can't even tell the difference. OK i may understand that some streamers, etc. may want those. But the Note line was designed for professionals that need a stylus, that need files, etc. on hand. Note line then became nothing more than a square Galaxy line and in the end just dying out.
Kasino Marxs
Kasino Marxs Hace 4 días
@Awais Qadri Why would I do that? I just simply gave you a suggestion to your 'issue'.
Awais Qadri
Awais Qadri Hace 4 días
@Kasino Marxs Are you paying me for the difference in price?
John Mauck
John Mauck Hace 7 días
I’m debating switching from iPhone to this phone 🤔
EVOLICIOUS Hace 7 días
Better to go with s20 ultra 5g that has microsd slot and can have up to 1terabyte of storage.
Ezeke Lol
Ezeke Lol Hace 8 días
I need this but I’m broke. I’m going to start saving!
jack robbie
jack robbie Hace 8 días
sucks this bloody shit phone keeps overheating!!!!!!!
EVOLICIOUS Hace 7 días
User error
jack robbie
jack robbie Hace 7 días
nothing it fucking sucks
Pixels Hace 8 días
Same here, did you find any fix?
Lonaj Gamer
Lonaj Gamer Hace 8 días
Samsung 🤢 🤮
Lonaj Gamer
Lonaj Gamer Hace 7 días
@EVOLICIOUS I’m saying this from experience I have both Android and iOS
EVOLICIOUS Hace 7 días
Best device on the market, salty peasant, lmfao
Lee Strachan
Lee Strachan Hace 8 días
Can we get a black red and gold colour way please such a great combo of colours
EVOLICIOUS Hace 7 días
Mr. Blue
Mr. Blue Hace 8 días
so am i to understand you can not change bixby to google assistant? i keep seeing articles that say you can so i just want to double check with you👍
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 8 días
The Note 9 is $1400 on Samsungs shop. Thats almost double the price it was at release. They know how bad their new phones are.
Bhushan Marathe
Bhushan Marathe Hace 8 días
Could you please make a video highlighting that Samsung is providing a 25w fast charger with F62 but not with S21 ultra. I have bought s21 ultra and it sucks to see cheaper mobiles are getting the 25w charger whereas I need to pay for it after spending hefty amount.
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