The $129 Smartphone?!

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Marques Brownlee

Hace 2 meses

Let's talk about the $129 smartphone
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Smartphone provided by POCO for review.

Yeti Mobley
Yeti Mobley Hace 20 horas
Is it faster than a Moto e6?
Shibe Inu
Shibe Inu Hace 23 horas
Does this phones cell connection work in the US??
Kyle Ruggles
Kyle Ruggles Hace un día
Great phone for my grandma heh.
Agumon5 Hace 2 días
The name really is a turn off.
hi Hace 2 días
I mean $129 is still a lot for people from third world countries lol.
aksha y
aksha y Hace 3 días
Galaxy M51says hi in hindi
Dio `
Dio ` Hace 3 días
Muhammad Almahbuby Anwar
Muhammad Almahbuby Anwar Hace 4 días
When the phone is sus! 😳
Rana Hace 4 días
yah mine's a 6k mah battery too (samsung's), upon good usage all day (yt, music, online classss etc) it lasts 1.5 days with a 90% - full charge. battery №1 ppl ! 😂
Ahmet Kasapoğlu
Ahmet Kasapoğlu Hace 4 días
FireHurricane Hace 4 días
NO WAY!!!?!?!??! AMOGUS PHONE?1?!?1?1?!1/!!?1?!?!?1?!
One Above All
One Above All Hace 5 días
American products: We have good quality, which is why we are expensive. 😎 European products: We also have good quality and high price. 😎 Chinese products: Amateurs, see all my products are sold very cheap all over the world, high specifications and good quality. 😂 America and Europe: Crying. 😭 Note: China is very brave enough to sell at very low prices with high specifications and good quality throughout the world. It will never be found in American and European products. At a very high price you can buy a lot of Chinese products on a par with American and European products. Never imagine American and European products being sold at low prices with high specifications and good quality. Because it's impossible ... 😂
Poly XY
Poly XY Hace 5 días
Thumbnail is so fucking clever
Anna Care
Anna Care Hace 6 días
I just realised how long your thumb is (not being mean) bcus I love ur vids
Anna Care
Anna Care Hace 6 días
David Colin
David Colin Hace 6 días
I get what you're saying about the early bird pricing, but if you really want decent prices, wait 6 months. The early bird price for the X3 NFC was €200, 6 months after launch I got mine for €180. Not only that, but most of the annoying ads had been disabled on my phone as well. Now all I have to do is deal with the bloatware...
Usman Sheikh
Usman Sheikh Hace 6 días
Set the animations to 0.5x or turn em off altogether and on version 12.0.4 it's faster than other SD 665/662, helio p70 and kirin 710 phones.
R G Hace 7 días
its not 129 ...went up on amazon.
Prof.Mokster57 Hace 7 días
to those out there planning to get this phone but are worried about the UI stuttering and lag such as - waiting for the home screen to load - waiting for apps to load all these are fixed and optimized with a new firmware update for the phone it sure is very frustrating to wait for stuffs to load when the internal hardware is similar to my parents 2017 oppo r11s snapdragon 662 vs snapdragon 660 4gb ram on both but i just dont understand why the oppo r11s dont have such issues while the poco m3 does thankfully the new firmware update addresses this UI stuttering issues
Ethan Stanley
Ethan Stanley Hace 8 días
What would happen if you cover the depth sensor? Would the image change?
Shafiq Alibhai
Shafiq Alibhai Hace 8 días
Talks about the price of the phone for the entire video but nothing about the phone itself.
MarcusDane Hace 8 días
Its only like 99$ in my country and its too expensive for my parents '-'
Arya Maulana
Arya Maulana Hace 9 días
F for Flagship X for Middle level M for Entry level damn thats a complete family right there
Marasigan Alesander
Marasigan Alesander Hace 9 días
Poco m3 is kinda sus...
Nig Nog
Nig Nog Hace 10 días
*THE SUS PHONE ??!?!?!??!!*
Greendays Hace 10 días
the poco x3 which cost 20$ more has cameras that goes toe to toe with iphone 11 and even better with gcam
harsha okin
harsha okin Hace 10 días
dude samsung sells it's cheapest smartphone for $68 in India and yes people are buying it
Garry Lacking-Quinn
Garry Lacking-Quinn Hace 11 días
Where can I buy this phone?
Nv Senthil Nv Senthil
Nv Senthil Nv Senthil Hace 12 días
Amoug us
Joules Hace 12 días
You're a tech reviewer yet you don't know that the animation can be speed up
S. A.O
S. A.O Hace 13 días
Ohayo Poco
michael suwandi
michael suwandi Hace 13 días
You are right, no way anyone can get this on hand for 150, let alone 129. Not even asian countries.
Shubhanshu Ramteke
Shubhanshu Ramteke Hace 13 días
You should try Micromax in note and compair to poco m3 they both are come with same price 😏
Shubhanshu Ramteke
Shubhanshu Ramteke Hace 13 días
Micromax in note 1 is better option than poco
Yaman Harfoush
Yaman Harfoush Hace 14 días
Actually, "This pricetag is sus" was a much better title😒
Shreesh Singh
Shreesh Singh Hace 14 días
I've Poco F1 and it's still a rocker!
Chaitanya Hace 15 días
It has a 6/128gb varient also.
YONG CHEN SENG Hace 16 días
Poco M3?
Толик Махинов
Толик Махинов Hace 16 días
Decent phone for the money, but only one thing missing... NFC!
Katyusha Hace 13 días
NFC isn't really important to a majority of normal people buying a cheap phone
Ishit Gandhi
Ishit Gandhi Hace 16 días
Nothing is free man in this world.. nothing.. even the Air you are breathing you are paying cost for it your life🤪🤪🤪
Vigneshwaran N
Vigneshwaran N Hace 16 días
Will replace my mom’s old phone. She only needs Whatsapp, ESpost and long battery life.
GaMeboY SmiT
GaMeboY SmiT Hace 17 días
Nice thumbnail
The Agamer
The Agamer Hace 17 días
The thing is, the triple array of cameras look more flagship like so normies want to look as futuristic look so one camera isn't worth it
Captain Milky
Captain Milky Hace 17 días
Poco M3 is sus Click here to vote him out ↓
FullMetalPanicNL Hace 18 días
Not to mention....for all we know Uygur forced labor was used to get this so cheap...
Advaith s
Advaith s Hace 18 días
That "waiting" is over , after the update and 129$ is very common in southasian region 10000₹ is a fare price
Viper Sanjay
Viper Sanjay Hace 18 días
Mkbhd can I ask a question is it worth it for online class normal gaming basics use?
Katyusha Hace 13 días
Of course
Gabriel Stanley
Gabriel Stanley Hace 18 días
The back of the phone is ugly.
Jasvir Bhatia
Jasvir Bhatia Hace 19 días
I am going to buy this phone
Those who wander
Those who wander Hace 19 días
You sold me! Just ordered one for my dad
Demanst3r Hace 20 días
It Has 6 Gb Ram , Not 4 Gb
Benjamin Sookwa
Benjamin Sookwa Hace 20 días
While looking at this review... A good review indeed- A thought came to mind... " This dude probably has well over 1000 phones under his bed..."
Mini Technikus
Mini Technikus Hace 20 días
I bought this phone today from aliexpress for 129 so the offer is still around in February 2021.
zack the fox
zack the fox Hace 21 un día
U should review the Samsung Galaxy A12,the price is somewhat similar and it seems interesting,also has an ultrawide
Technicfreak Hace 21 un día
Sure, it’s impressive for the price, but I’d say save up a little more money and get the Poco X3. It’s a much better phone and an amazing bang for your buck, and once you put a case on it you won’t even notice the plastic back and it’ll feel like an Aluminum and Glass Flagship.
Eugh Hace 21 un día
the phone is SUS
Akash Hace 22 días
hai Bro
David Hein
David Hein Hace 22 días
In Mexico this sells for about 185 to 200 bucks depending on storage
NExUS Aesthetics
NExUS Aesthetics Hace 22 días
Me watching this on Poco m2
Pewdiepie fan
Pewdiepie fan Hace 23 días
poco phone m3 was an imposter
Sunny A
Sunny A Hace 23 días
Seems you aren't aware about Redmi 9 prime. 😑
Sunny A
Sunny A Hace 23 días
2:48 yet adds 2 more *useless camera sensors.
Jhonrey Abaya
Jhonrey Abaya Hace 23 días
I bought this phone because of mkbhd
Stormbreaker 82
Stormbreaker 82 Hace 23 días
*Realme Narzo 20 pro* almost same price Much better performance.
Jan's Q & A
Jan's Q & A Hace 23 días
just turn off the animations in Developer Option. I've tested one and it did feel snappier. for the price with 1080p display and 6000mAh battery vs other brand that only has 720p display and lower battery capacity even having slower chipset than that of SD 662, POCO M3 is still the best option at its price range.
DanboDroid Hace 23 días
the M3 is perfect for Mobile Hotspot and Powerbank function.
bubbleman91 Hace 24 días
At least here in Germany it's almost always available for the early bird price or even cheaper. Went down to 80€ for a short time.
Ra Acoustic
Ra Acoustic Hace 24 días
Aww that's nice of the phone,
GejEr Hace 7 días
Tang ina mo
SY3D FÅRÃZ Hace 9 días
How are u verified
WTF S4NS Hace 10 días
How r u verified
Nikhil Jayden
Nikhil Jayden Hace 11 días
How r u verified
owo グーチmoshi
owo グーチmoshi Hace 24 días
Sad won't work on tmobile in the states
You know you can get a 68 dollar phone which is the samsung m01 core which is only available in india
nonso edu
nonso edu Hace 25 días
I guess mkbhd haven't heard of TECNO or INFINIX 😂
nafis sadiq
nafis sadiq Hace 26 días
Better to buy the realme Narzo 20.
Yeduap Yeduap
Yeduap Yeduap Hace 26 días
I think poco m2 better than pocom3
Ariel Rommel Briones
Ariel Rommel Briones Hace 26 días
I hope that the big brands next year will start seeing 6000mah because to most important feature is battery because last year Samsung made 5000mah battery on their flagship phone and I know that last year they made a cheap Samsung phone that has 6000mah especially they making big camera bump on the phones just look at iphone 12 and Samsung s21 because it's better to have a flat surface back of the Phone
Ariel Rommel Briones
Ariel Rommel Briones Hace 26 días
Nice smartphone especially the 6000mah battery are becoming slimmer and better
Sharif Dotani
Sharif Dotani Hace 26 días
Ok n Dubai its on190 wtf
Jaden Dollar
Jaden Dollar Hace 26 días
The among us lighting in the image of the video
Alfie Mabaga
Alfie Mabaga Hace 26 días
Today is January 30, 2021 and this phone is still priced at $130 in our country.
Lennon Clark
Lennon Clark Hace 27 días
Bruv I got an A502DL so anything will be an improvment lmao
Yusrizal Adam
Yusrizal Adam Hace 27 días
129$ Maybe around 2-3 days of part time jobs then you get this phone like seriously 129$!It's like buying a Nokia 33100 first release!
Detective Tacco
Detective Tacco Hace 27 días
Would you rather. Back looks like glass but feels like cheap old plastic -or- Back looks like leather that ends with a Matt finish. Choose
deepak kumar
deepak kumar Hace 27 días
This phone would be much better for a secondary phone for battery and storage purpose...Im gonna buy it
Adin Tijerina
Adin Tijerina Hace 27 días
There is a ford logo on the mustang.....also its very ford. I do not like this analogy
Arsh Ramirez
Arsh Ramirez Hace 28 días
I put paint in my poco
Laurel Iloani
Laurel Iloani Hace 28 días
I will buy any phone that doesn't have fingerprint at the back.
Massi Nissa
Massi Nissa Hace 28 días
I bought it 95€ on black friday in aliexpress
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer Hace 28 días
Ok, I have been thinking over this for a few days, The reason why there's a depth camera in a budget phone, maybe the processor cannot handle the depth details by algorithm?.
TeXaTorX Hace 28 días
The imposter of pro phones
Muhammad Smiry
Muhammad Smiry Hace 29 días
It is 220$ here
Henrique Samuel
Henrique Samuel Hace 29 días
does your Poco M3 have a microphone with a low sound? Because mine has this problem
Mayank Agrawal
Mayank Agrawal Hace 29 días
1:35 the article 😂😂😂
Adrielle Jericho Supan
Adrielle Jericho Supan Hace 29 días
Hi, I need helo to buy a new phone for my online class
YankeeSpirit Hace 29 días
POCO: HURRY!!! buy it before we raise the price!! Me: Yeah, I'll just buy one in a few years for $30 used.
Harbakhsh Singh
Harbakhsh Singh Hace un mes
thatssomething1 Hace un mes
I'm waiting for the $29 phone..lets do eeet😁
Swaroop Hace un mes
9:25 "Poco MYUI"
Daemonarch2k6 Hace un mes
I looked the price now, and it's 129,-......... Euros :(
MentleGan Hace un mes
These just started to ship over here and being sold in 1 or 2 online shops. I remember my J7 Pro costing like $300 in 2017. To see this much at $129 is really nice. J7 still wins for me though, seeing how that camera app took 2 days to open on the POCO.
Arun Ramash
Arun Ramash Hace un mes
I get it for 147 dollars.
Azhar Rizwy
Azhar Rizwy Hace un mes
Is this good for gaming ? Does it have gyro
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