The Invisible Selfie Camera!

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Marques Brownlee

Hace un mes

A closer look at the world's first under-display selfie camera 👀
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Phone provided by ZTE for review.

EPIC REVIEWER Hace 2 horas
Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly Hace 11 horas
I hate the iphone notch and cut out, I wish they would upgrade like the samsung galaxy displays. This is a step in a really nice direction for other phones to follow thru eventually!
Michael Houston
Michael Houston Hace 23 horas
Then i disconnect the front camera ( if i cannot continue to tape over mine) because online ware can use the camera to send my face online which i never allow : to protect from identity theft etc.
john groves
john groves Hace 23 horas
Watch my video
xxCHUN Hace un día
3:41 if you cam for the Camera
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Hace un día
I have the pop up selfie camera on my phone and I just can't go back to a dot or notch display so the next phone must have this tech !!
Charlie Crowe
Charlie Crowe Hace 3 días
5:40 what is my man doing at 4am
Techstacity Hace 3 días
So, what about facial data ???
Kasino Marxs
Kasino Marxs Hace 4 días
Not Charmin soft. 🤣
Nick Stanbridge
Nick Stanbridge Hace 4 días
I'm glad you're raising issues around privacy. These are very important questions to be asking!
Mark Harris
Mark Harris Hace 4 días
I got ninety-nine problems but a selfie camera ain't one. " Good Grief! "
Fahim Ahmed Fahmi
Fahim Ahmed Fahmi Hace 5 días
Bruh 😂😂😆
Joe Garth
Joe Garth Hace 5 días
that camera makes it look like you're permanently stuck on the set of Star Trek 2009
[GD]BlackHole Hace 6 días
u can try vsmart aris for high quality image with invisible camera
Cardano Hace 6 días
just put a slider camera on the back so you can slide it up with your finger...
Mr. Pro DtG2
Mr. Pro DtG2 Hace 6 días
Vietnam have one to the name is vsmart aris pro
Marja Kosinar
Marja Kosinar Hace 6 días
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Jose Díaz
Jose Díaz Hace 7 días
I noticed there was no notch pretty much instantly. Screens with a notch is a crime.
Sundowne Hace 7 días
thats a badass western digital black hoodie
Black Cancer
Black Cancer Hace 8 días
I mean, they tried! Hats off to ZTE 🤠
LyonKing👑 Hace 8 días
Teardrop gang
Chaitanya Hipkiss
Chaitanya Hipkiss Hace 8 días
Now google can hide as they watch you have sex.
Rayray Honculada
Rayray Honculada Hace 9 días
Nice Nice Nice Can i win
Elvender Ideas
Elvender Ideas Hace 9 días
I was thinking this technology idea before and now it's already happened.
Nova i love you
Nova i love you Hace 9 días
Yes, ofc i want full screen with camera behind the display
Alexa lopez
Alexa lopez Hace 9 días
hey. i’ve been trying everyday and researching to get the ps5. i can’t afford the ones that are over $500. i will pay you the $500 for the ps5. i will do anything. im one of youre biggest fans. please get back to me🥺 if you cant i understand.
Tg Hace 9 días
First gen tech. The fact that this even exists means we are close to stuff like this being mainstream once the tach develops more. Very exciting :)
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Hace 9 días
The camera is bad
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Hace 9 días
This must be a rare phone
Weslie Global
Weslie Global Hace 10 días
Cool but I don't really need this. I think the hole punch is an attractive thing on modern cellphones!
zack phy
zack phy Hace 10 días
I have zero problem with my tiny camera hole cutouts on my Note phones, and any recent Samsung phone really. I don't even notice it outside of full screen ESpost videos and it dissappears within a couple seconds of me seeing it. And I think it's kinda cool looking truthfully, a hole in the center of a display. Also why can't they just turn off the pixels over the camera on an AMOLED screen? Can't they already selectively turn on and off pixels for things like always on screens? So just turn those specific pixels off when it's in use and that's it. Who cares if there's a hole when actually using it, it would be covered up when watching videos or anything else not requiring the camera. But again I don't care to have a hole there, I just can't stand the huge notch in Apple phones, now those are ass ugly lol.
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline Hace 10 días
Never understand why you pundits do not get over the notch, or hole punch. As a normal I just do not care. They talk about the fact that the next iPhone notch might be smaller on the next version. To tell you for me a better GQ look would be a very small forehead all the way across. Same size for the bezel all the way around. In fact I like bigger bezels around the screen as it gives this old man a place to put my fingers in a way I do not feel that I am as likely to drop my smartphone. Works for this normal, and if it would shut up you pundits I am all for it. You will find something else to complain about. Now pushing companies forward for better technology is always a good thing. Now in this clip you talk about under display cameras and not knowing that they are there. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU
Arfiyan Kun
Arfiyan Kun Hace 10 días
Well, the quality isn't that good for 2021 mobile phone camera but I should give applause for their efforts to build under display camera. It's just beginning. I'm sure it will get better and better
Mikey Estrada
Mikey Estrada Hace 10 días
Now this is dope tech, I don’t care if the lens doesn’t even look good. I think this is outstanding we came this far in tech. I know apple will perfect this which is what they are working on at the moment.
George Hace 10 días
no Samsung wouldn't ship a phone that has such a terrible front facing camera.... they will ship a folding phone that is faulty to the fold of it lol
_ Hace 10 días
Is planet earth just one Giant Ancient Quarry watch video Global0bserveR
dot Hace 11 días
Eh, leave it in the lab, release something when it’s quality. In other words, the difference between concept and a finished product.
benjamimo1 Hace 11 días
I don’t think it’s worth not knowing where the camera is
Chikhi Mohammed
Chikhi Mohammed Hace 11 días
Pulls notification bar down **Psychedelics high turns on**
Chobe Dap
Chobe Dap Hace 11 días
Bro why I can’t see that you are talking about the LENS FLARE regarding the iPhone 12 series???!!!
Nick Haas
Nick Haas Hace 11 días
How about just a phone with no selfie camera? Better screen, cheaper to make, win win...unless you need to take selfies.
Peter Tran
Peter Tran Hace 11 días
The selfie’s look like how facebook moms take selfies
Randall West
Randall West Hace 11 días
I like the tech. I don't like the invasion of privacy. 1984
TAKYON Hace 12 días
Actually think that instead of a lower pixel density bit they shouldve gone the opposite direction and had a super high density display there, have the pixels be small enough that the camera doesn't have the resolution to see them properly, with some filtering and shit to improve it further
Arrd Viloria
Arrd Viloria Hace 12 días
FLAT SCREEN is a big + to this innovation. Yas!
Jonathan Bacamante
Jonathan Bacamante Hace 12 días
You tube is turning into a regular tv broadcasting with force to watch ads ::(
Jenish Thumar
Jenish Thumar Hace 13 días
To skip ad>>>> Press "!" On ad, select stop seeing ad, give any reason.👍🏼
Para Bina
Para Bina Hace 13 días
Cool to the max! I'm shipped.
Mugurel Teodor Andrici
Mugurel Teodor Andrici Hace 13 días
Nobody: nothing ESpost: displaying 48 hour ads twice
MaKenzie Breeze
MaKenzie Breeze Hace 13 días
Tech is super cool, but no one cares about that. Galaxy rounded screen edges were cool, but so so pointless. We end up paying for these pretty useless tech upgrades that really aren’t necessary at all. They don’t even add anything of substantial value to the phone, even if the camera was as good as the current selfie cameras. I used to bash apple for not getting on board with these tech upgrades sooner, but at this point all they do it make the phone more expensive with no useful benefit to the user. I actually understand why apple isn’t the first to come out with new tech now. I wish we would focus on the performance based elements more.
chandan kumar
chandan kumar Hace 13 días
Feels like i'm playing Pac-Man at 5:59 !
Jerome Morrow
Jerome Morrow Hace 13 días
Shame on Apple for not coming up with it.
ROHAN RAHMAN Hace 13 días
They don't gave a battery replacement and trying to convince people that we are just protecting the environment. The more problem in environment is the increasing number of dump mobile phones because the phone has poor battery life and the batteries are not easy to replace. If they already decided not to give a charger but at least should give an extra battery instead of charger... Thank you, from: ROHAN RAHMAN.
Mr Romie
Mr Romie Hace 14 días
Looks cool, not quite practical...yet..
i. Dream
i. Dream Hace 14 días
Great !
Adrian Utah
Adrian Utah Hace 14 días
3:46 tell me what meme sound is ?
Adrian Utah
Adrian Utah Hace 10 días
@Weslie Global appreciate.
Weslie Global
Weslie Global Hace 10 días
"Bruh" meme
OneShot-Berry Hace 15 días
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juma sayeh
juma sayeh Hace 15 días
whats that phone at 1:51 !!!
Suraj Gollapalli
Suraj Gollapalli Hace 15 días
Now I understand why future phones dosent have a camera Wait are we in the future? Me: probably not cause we can’t afford it
nineteen-sixty-nine Hace 15 días
Why dont they have the pixels fade out on the edges instead of the sharp square edge?
ThatCrazyWuff Hace 16 días
Indicator light in the hardware so if camera is powered the led is lit up. If you put it in SW then you can hack it in SW.
fourwedge Hace 16 días
the selfie camera doesn't bother me at all.... but give me a micro sd card slot and a damn charger in the box
Kevin Bihari
Kevin Bihari Hace 16 días
We have gone too far, we have to go back. S9/note 9 was best. Who cares about a 3mm bezel on stead of 1mm.
Emilio Carlos Sanchez de Santa
Emilio Carlos Sanchez de Santa Hace 15 días
Actually noone really cares about that thin beezle. Customer needs doesnt matter anymore, what matters is the profit they can make from new tech. Thats why we get a new phone every year from every single manufacturer
Canbaris Hace 16 días
Shot on Axon, damn that mic quality!
GeHassani Hace 16 días
b r u h
E H Hace 16 días
A garbage phone from china
House Iilac
House Iilac Hace 16 días's actually visible....
Fatal1ty v2
Fatal1ty v2 Hace 17 días
BRUH!! 😂
speedracer123222 Hace 17 días
I’d rather have a hardware indicator so that it can’t be hacked to say it’s off when it’s on.
zebble ganubi
zebble ganubi Hace 17 días
no more putting tape over the front facing camera. this is the NSA's wet dream
Harry Pethel
Harry Pethel Hace 17 días
Anyone else read 1984 coz bruh
Alex Seya
Alex Seya Hace 17 días
It s not the first phone in the world to have an under display selfue camera. There was one last year on unboxe therapy.
Alex Seya
Alex Seya Hace 17 días
Elon Musk should start making phones, we ll see things that we will otherwise see in 20 or 50 years
eyad Moied
eyad Moied Hace 18 días
Not gonna lie, it kinda look like a Pepsi with that background
Official Travis Turner
Official Travis Turner Hace 18 días
Thanks for sharing this amazing video with us all
S Hace 18 días
Android manufacturers are making many different types of innovations in their phones, such as foldable screens.. Some of them really absurd and people always think this kind of innovations will not be consider as useful improvements for customers. I'm agree but I believe that new techniques lead to increase size of information's at technology. For example some brand are using pop-up cams and maybe that micro engine technology behind this camera will be useful for another area. Anyway basically competition is good for us and I'm talking to much about this but I'm still using my samsung galaxy s6 lol
Dres Mores
Dres Mores Hace 18 días
Big sur wall 🙂
Prabhu Ja
Prabhu Ja Hace 18 días
I think it as a G7x type flip up monitor having hidden slave cam...for Vloggers ...No need to Casey glass and eye to eye is easy...
1mNumberUno Hace 18 días
What if they had two cameras and merged both images with the offsetting pixels?
Jayson Sage
Jayson Sage Hace 18 días
The problem with this is that, if the cameras are well hideen, compagnies could easily place two hidden cameras. The consumer will only be aware and using one camera. While compagnies could activates the second camera 24/7 collecting informations, without the phone owner knowing about it.
redX111t Hace 18 días
8:24 To be fair, if someone really wanted to spy on you in a hotel room with a hidden camera, they wouldn't need something as complicated as an under display camera on a TV. Hidden cameras have been a thing since cameras were invented
Konversations with Key
Konversations with Key Hace 18 días
The insertion of "Bruh" at 3:47 😂
Jordyn Young
Jordyn Young Hace 18 días
The first phone like this was always going to be crap. Ill wait for the 4th or fifth version
GRD III Hace 19 días
OnePlus 7 Pro is still the best phone I've ever used
Juaccoo Hace 19 días
perfect for someone like my dad or mom...who never ever use the selfie camera. Now that i think about it i never take any selfies either
Unforgiving Samurai
Unforgiving Samurai Hace 19 días
I definitely prefer the pop up camera I have OnePlus 7 Pro and I'm very comfortable with it and I will never trade it with a punch screen camera or hidden camera for two reasons first the safety and privacy second the beautiful full screen
Aleef Fouzi
Aleef Fouzi Hace 19 días
"the second u noticed it, u cant unnoticed it" sounds funny tbh
Rita May Diaz
Rita May Diaz Hace 19 días
Hi, may I please ask where can I download that wallpaper used on this phone review? Thanks!
Drew Davis
Drew Davis Hace 19 días
They should probably start thinking about implementing laws where a person using an electronic device should always have a way of knowing where any cameras are
Vikas Ahuja
Vikas Ahuja Hace 19 días
What is that phone at 2:01?
Josh Bosch
Josh Bosch Hace 19 días
these guys are just biting themselves in the ass, this is just helping apple make a better invisible selfie camera
John Vanderkuur
John Vanderkuur Hace 19 días
The substantial conga regrettably scream because rhinoceros oceanographically look of a nutty distance. ruddy, previous dew
Johnny Chao
Johnny Chao Hace 19 días
But can't all your regular front facing selfie cameras on all the time, how would you notice if it was off? (if there was that intent)
courtney clarke
courtney clarke Hace 19 días
How can you know if it’s ON or NOT when you don’t want it on?
Cryptid Dating Sim
Cryptid Dating Sim Hace 19 días
I love the pop-out selfie camera! it's so retro 90s.
Jason crittenden
Jason crittenden Hace 19 días
I am only person who likes camera 📷 notches???????
Matias Lorenzon
Matias Lorenzon Hace 20 días
Marques, that’s where you draw the line on privacy? Google and just about everyone else has been spying on you for years. It boggles my mind you draw the line with a camera because it’s all on the same spectrum. Why aren’t you freaked out by Google mining a bunch of your data via Android or their smart speaker devices or their services? Or if you are, why doesn’t privacy feature in all of your reviews of Android devices?
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar Hace 20 días
I'm kind of surprised you haven talked about this? (Under display camera) well then again it is a new phone?🤔
Dennis Smeltzer
Dennis Smeltzer Hace 20 días
If it is invisible, why not move it to the center of the screen so the subject eye focus looks more natural? In fact set it about 1/3 down from the top. Then during video calls you are looking at the other person instead of over their heads.
Daniel Marcus
Daniel Marcus Hace 20 días
In time, I expect that the screen itself will include a distributed sensor, so there will be no widened gaps anywhere, and no decreased resolution, and with more surface area total, the camera will have superior low light performance. That said, I much prefer pop up selfie cameras.
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