The Ultimate Custom PlayStation 5!

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Marques Brownlee

Hace 14 días

The best addons for the ultimate PS5 experience!
Playstation 5 Review:
Best PS5 Games:
Controller faceplate:
Western Digital GameDrive:
Controller dock:
Vertical dock:
Austin Evans' Ultimate PS5:
PlayStation 5:
MKBHD Merch:
Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track:
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:
Darkplates provided by dbrand.

VOLT GAMING Hace un hora
Your t shirt matches with the PS5
SenSeriousness Hace 6 horas
I honestly would like a Forest green for the plate or the skin
AbdulWarith Raji
AbdulWarith Raji Hace 7 horas
Please make a video of Xbox please, please, please, please, 🥺
Alex Gozho
Alex Gozho Hace 8 horas
Can I have that though
Scott Prazak
Scott Prazak Hace 11 horas
Marques, dude, it's kinda useless to make videos about this since almost nobody has one yet.
Carl Smith
Carl Smith Hace 13 horas
man you gotta play Demon Souls!
J. Spicer
J. Spicer Hace 15 horas
Can you do a ps5vs xbox x?
Bep Bep
Bep Bep Hace 20 horas
Can you explain me how you can have your sound of your PC and PS5 in the same headphone please I never find an answer ...
Josh Rose
Josh Rose Hace 20 horas
Slack boy
Ruben Frivold
Ruben Frivold Hace 21 un hora
Definitely the best mkbhd video thumbnail i have seen
john groves
john groves Hace 22 horas
Watch my video
VaibhaV RathoD Unofficial
VaibhaV RathoD Unofficial Hace 23 horas
Can someone tell me name of that intro track ?
al pacino
al pacino Hace un día
everyone is complaining they can't even buy ps5 because it's not available in markets. However, Sony claims they have sold 5 million ps5 so far. WTF!!!!
Wimpkin Hace un día
Have you tried the 3D audio function on the PS5 with the wired or wireless version of the Steelseries headset? What are your thoughts on it? (Still don't have a PS5, just swatting up on it)
Misszebie Hace un día
Bad news from Sony, ps 5 is going to be delayed even longer because of the worldwide shortage of computer chips. Great timing Marq 👍🏽ill watch this video in 6 months for it to be relevant.👌🏽
Hamza Haider
Hamza Haider Hace un día
It's not fair as all the ps5 end up in us like I dubai there has been no stock fr over 3 months and all those that are available are scalpers selling it overpriced
Ashutosh Joshi
Ashutosh Joshi Hace un día
my man said *slackboy* XD
Mohammed Chowdhury
Mohammed Chowdhury Hace un día
I was lucky enough to get a Xbox series x but I regret it 😂 wish I got ps5
milhindor Hace un día
Many PS 5 owners have had problems with the controller; have you had issues with the controller?
Zibert Hace un día
PS5's don't exist.
Shoyo San
Shoyo San Hace un día
do xbox series x or s next
ekoms Hace un día
sLAcK bOy a BiG aDvENTuRe
The Limitless Guy
The Limitless Guy Hace 2 días
@ Marques Brownlee I watch your videos every day and the day you released this video is my birthday and you should do a Giveaway!!!!!
Nipeno Hace 2 días
850GB built in storage??? *Laughs in PC*
god ofotokun
god ofotokun Hace 2 días
Darkplates are gonna be huge on the resale market
Frapechino Kelsey
Frapechino Kelsey Hace 2 días
People are watching like this : - on bed - not in full-screen - reading comments........😂😂
Vishesh Singhal
Vishesh Singhal Hace 22 horas
Bruh you’re spying on me
BobConstructeur OFFICIEL
BobConstructeur OFFICIEL Hace 2 días
Andrew Penman
Andrew Penman Hace 2 días
Slack boiiii 😂😂1:09
eforty Hace 2 días
Lets speak about the Joystick's longevity is just 417 hrs
Jack Claffey
Jack Claffey Hace 2 días
Mine is arriving tomorrow
Chethan Polanki
Chethan Polanki Hace 2 días
F t
Diptanu 4D
Diptanu 4D Hace 2 días
This guy just knows what is aesthetics🖤❤️
AL M Hace 2 días
Hey guess what, my Xbox series x and it’s controller already came matte black. But come on man Brown Lee accessories on a console? Lame and a rip off cash grab. Edit : It’s like Apple not giving you a charger
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren Hace 3 días
Wow Sony made this customization so easy looool
Marc Ray
Marc Ray Hace 3 días
Me watching it hoping that I will get my hands on ps5 in the future. Thank for the insight! 👏😁
Ellis Taylor
Ellis Taylor Hace 3 días
Aiden Cabral
Aiden Cabral Hace 3 días
You know this will help me! Thank you!
Graham Cull
Graham Cull Hace 3 días
My PS5s are both fine as is. I may replace the middle color at some point.
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh Hace 3 días
M2 SSD...
Ariya- Fortnite
Ariya- Fortnite Hace 3 días
“Slackboy, A Big Adventure” Marques Brownlee, 2021
Kasim Suleymani
Kasim Suleymani Hace 3 días
The ultimate infomercial
abrar zaidy
abrar zaidy Hace 3 días
Do a review on motorola edge s
Rabi Prakasa
Rabi Prakasa Hace 4 días
in Indonesia it is very easy to find ps5
Fateme.s.h.77 Hace 4 días
jimv1983 Hace 4 días
That's cool that you can make it matte black. What was Sony thinking with white? It's so ugly.
M4DTH1NK3R Hace 4 días
NO !!! Do NOT matt black everything... it’s boring... there’s a ton of colours just use then.
Simp Erman
Simp Erman Hace 4 días
MaTe bLaCk
Kurt Goettsche
Kurt Goettsche Hace 4 días
Does he say "Slack Boy?"
kilorevz Hace 4 días
too bad it’s gonna break in 5 months
HazySky Hace 4 días
If you wanted a design just spray paint it or something since its easier now
nkindi victor
nkindi victor Hace 4 días
Mate black of course!
C Komeza
C Komeza Hace 4 días
I watched this whole video then I remembered I don’t have a PS5 !
Mrbeast fan club
Mrbeast fan club Hace 4 días
Here we go
Jay Wa
Jay Wa Hace 5 días
Id settle for "off the rack:
Creators Setup
Creators Setup Hace 5 días
Creators Setup
Creators Setup Hace 5 días
Gaming is nice
Fallaway Hace 5 días
Did my man really call it “SlackBoy” 😂😂 1:11
Vihanga Hettiarachchi
Vihanga Hettiarachchi Hace 5 días
Why didn't you use a red plate
tehgman2 Hace 5 días
A link to buy a ps5 at normal price would be nice
Prince Groove
Prince Groove Hace 5 días
Matte black is life!
The Billy
The Billy Hace 5 días
Who is still thinking to have PS5?
The Billy
The Billy Hace 5 días
How much does PS5 cost?
Shaheer Gamer
Shaheer Gamer Hace 5 días
slackboy a big adventure, only for 59,99$
Felix Mollberger
Felix Mollberger Hace 5 días
7:49 Don't buy this, Gamers Nexus proved it's a scam. Shitty construction and horrible design, the fans only add noise.
Kaustubh Ajgaonkar
Kaustubh Ajgaonkar Hace 5 días
What about giveaway?
pemergency Hace 5 días
$15 is cheap for a small piece of plastic ? you must be joking :-D the whole controller cost $69
Mr. REVOLVER Hace 5 días
Ps5 🤩
Amin Yavari
Amin Yavari Hace 5 días
Gunzz Blazinn
Gunzz Blazinn Hace 5 días
darkplates $60 um no thanks
Genaro Cejudo
Genaro Cejudo Hace 5 días
Typical Sony, "this feature is coming in a software update"
Pyroblock (SPG)
Pyroblock (SPG) Hace 6 días
that ps5 dock is completely worthless
ben qian
ben qian Hace 6 días
The female fertile pie excitingly dam because double informally love but a ad motorboat. freezing, symptomatic area
Joyful Flamingo
Joyful Flamingo Hace 6 días
When sus 😳🍑🍑😳
jobcontact Hace 6 días
I just got my dbrand covers, and the build quality sucks. Both the top and bottom plate has a silver-dollar sized circle that looks like it's been sanded - probably where they sanded down the plastic injection overflow. I reached out to dbrand, and they basically said that 'it's supposed to look like that'. Yeah, no it's not.
NikkiBoy Hace 6 días
Is it just me or does the ps5 look out of place everywhere except this video?
Justin Garrido
Justin Garrido Hace 6 días
I see that Model O
raij1n Hace 6 días
Is the SSD upgrades only supposed to be for ps4 games?
Josh Derak
Josh Derak Hace 6 días
I've been to this rodeo before. If you all wait long enough, you'll get your precious PS5. And then you'll all get bored and move onto something else. Remember the hype for the Wii? Waiting forever to get your hands on one? Yeah, they're all collecting dust or are in the trash, right?
The Coolest Daniel
The Coolest Daniel Hace 6 días
(Checks pants) ah I came
The Basic Bora
The Basic Bora Hace 6 días
bro, is mkbhd going austin evans?
Eccentric Lullaby
Eccentric Lullaby Hace 6 días
Great video as always Marques ❤️💯💯
Bossnian Hace 6 días
Imagine God of War Ragnarok on ps5 with adaptive haptics
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal Hace 6 días
Pramod 😂😂😂
korinogaro 1988
korinogaro 1988 Hace 6 días
8:19 yeah, it really doesn't make any change because PS5 sucks air from the top, pushes it down and to the back of the console.
jxda764 d
jxda764 d Hace 6 días
Still haven't been able to buy one
Callum HOLLIDAY Hace 6 días
"destruction" ROFL
Ravinder Kumar
Ravinder Kumar Hace 6 días
thinking.. when I will buy ps3😶
Steve Bizzle
Steve Bizzle Hace 6 días
I use an external USB C SSD on the front port and it works great. My PS5 is airtight with that drive, the VR set up and the wireless headphone dongle.
sree's origami
sree's origami Hace 6 días
Ooh it's 🔥
ZeoPlayz Hace 6 días
I'll never get the ps5 soon its 10,000 to 13,000 here
omalams Hace 6 días
after watching this video, some are going to buy the accessories even before getting a PS5
Yolo Hace 6 días
radical konrad
radical konrad Hace 7 días
I gotta fix my coil whine
Ashley Gordon
Ashley Gordon Hace 7 días
Just wanna say... That beard look FIIIIIINE!
Bernard Swanevelder
Bernard Swanevelder Hace 7 días
Where did you get the PS5? Sitting in Canada and there is no way I can get anything below 1800
Konrad D
Konrad D Hace 7 días
ahhh another dbrand commercial - they always support him do not matter if they sponsored the video hmm like the famous car commercial :)
synsey Hace 7 días
Can you do the xbox series x next please
The DBZ Collector
The DBZ Collector Hace 7 días
i would like plates where the top follows the curve of the console, flush with the top
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee Hace 7 días
+ 1 5 1 2 5 9 6 2 1 0 7
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee Hace 7 días
His availability is on ωhātsäpp
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee Hace 7 días
ḭnvest in çryptó trading with my administrative Mason Patrick
The DBZ Collector
The DBZ Collector Hace 7 días
i finally got one
Ugwu Oswald Chiazor
Ugwu Oswald Chiazor Hace 7 días
Couldn't help but notice two thing, first one at 3:03(when you knocked on the matte black case, it left something) and the second at 3:54(your sliced right hand) P.S this is just concern(especially the second one), you're my, and my brother's fav. youtuber. So, please be careful.
Tom Ward
Tom Ward Hace 7 días
s l a c k b o y
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