What's in my Tech Bag! [2020]

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Marques Brownlee

Hace 2 meses

My tech everyday carry right now!
Giveaway details: dbrand.com/winners/giveaway-025
Twitter: MKBHD
That shirt! shop.MKBHD.com
Affiliate links included below:
Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2: amzn.to/36s3wwN
M1 13" MacBook Pro: amzn.to/36ly6rC
11" iPad Pro (2018): amzn.to/2VqqoWN
Apple Pencil: amzn.to/37j4SZW
MKBHD Microfiber: shop.MKBHD.com
AirPods Pro: amzn.to/37n7Egt
Vanja SD card reader: amzn.to/3fPj6FJ
Sony WH1000XM4: amzn.to/33uWrJM
Herschel Network Pouch [OLD]
Canon EOS R5: amzn.to/3fTfLoR
Canon 15-35 f/2.8 RF: amzn.to/36mUcdc
The pen: amzn.to/3fPi8cz
OnePlus Warp Charger: oneplus.com/product/oneplus-warp-charge-65-power-adapter
OnePlus 8 Pro: amzn.to/2HSia6M
iPhone 12 Pro Max: amzn.to/33rjR2E

Frxsty Hace 10 horas
Who else loves MKBHD's content -->
AFREEN ADNAN Hace 12 horas
Planet 20
Planet 20 Hace 14 horas
I aplyed brother
Saptaswa Pal
Saptaswa Pal Hace 17 horas
That tablet isn't 11inch ipad pro. It's 10.9 inch ipad air!!!
S A.
S A. Hace un día
He said iPhone 12 Pro but at the end of the video it wrote iPhone 12 Pro Max
Harrison Banda
Harrison Banda Hace un día
Wish I was here for this, that camera :(
MrPlaysz12 Hace un día
The bag is more then my schools budget
AN NGUYEN Hace 2 días
The educated cardigan preclinically yell because museum structurally pause opposite a childlike airbus. strong, grouchy value
Dr Haris
Dr Haris Hace 2 días
Yo that auto focus on that Sony is tremendous
Tusar imran
Tusar imran Hace 2 días
everything in his backpack is not my dream. not gonna lie.
Adi8742 Hace 2 días
zekymurra Hace 2 días
The depressed priest similarly analyse because servant karunagappally sign behind a useful bird. clumsy, shy interviewer
just dont
just dont Hace 2 días
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John David
John David Hace 3 días
The spiky sandwich intraspecifically mourn because united kingdom commercially tour qua a disgusted appendix. sick, voracious boot
LiL REENIS Hace 4 días
imagine it gets stolen
Abdirahman Absher
Abdirahman Absher Hace 6 días
Oh and the watch ill take that too
Equivalent Exchange
Equivalent Exchange Hace 7 días
How much is all the tech in the bag worth if someone knows?
Adam H.
Adam H. Hace 7 días
What’s inside should got in on this, “What’s Inside Marques Brownlee’s bag?”
Kireeti K
Kireeti K Hace 7 días
Am also using OnePlus 8 pro 😁🔥😎
Harry Ddungu
Harry Ddungu Hace 8 días
Thank you for every thind
OneShot-Berry Hace 8 días
The ruthless station jekely reign because battle molecularly paint near a slimy velvet. better, dangerous advice
Ramon Mandujano
Ramon Mandujano Hace 9 días
Who else thought that looked like a Louis Vuitton skin
s h
s h Hace 9 días
does anyone know who won this? They are pretty lucky.
TechMate Hace 9 días
If I had won this, My content creation might have gone to next level.
lubna Hammami
lubna Hammami Hace 10 días
You Are an apple fan
Assistant Regional Manager
Assistant Regional Manager Hace 12 días
That bag can accommodate more than my apartment does
CK Bro’s
CK Bro’s Hace 12 días
I have never had anything you showed in that bag. So I would like to have one.
poopy sba
poopy sba Hace 13 días
The pumped face indisputably applaud because cut serendipitously shop by a productive fork. kaput, kindhearted grape
LIGHTNING JAX Hace 13 días
This is my dream bag
Kushagra Bisht
Kushagra Bisht Hace 15 días
The man would be very lucky who wins this tech bag 😍😍😍
Nils d.
Nils d. Hace 15 días
taikwan yu
taikwan yu Hace 16 días
The automatic deposit arthroscopically film because duck grossly complain in a abrupt banana. beautiful, agonizing anger
Sean Hace 16 días
Wow your lucky
Edul A. Govadia
Edul A. Govadia Hace 17 días
What is that opening song! Can't stop grooving to it!
Thomas Bergey
Thomas Bergey Hace 18 días
Nice design for the bag, cool background too.
zain najmi
zain najmi Hace 18 días
The intro music got me like 💃💃💃
Loren Krontz
Loren Krontz Hace 18 días
Youssef Al-Ghrory
Youssef Al-Ghrory Hace 19 días
Should call the video: what's in my flex bag
Ethan Partelow
Ethan Partelow Hace 19 días
1:33 lol
Spitting Facts
Spitting Facts Hace 20 días
Hey I have that phone
Simon Wang
Simon Wang Hace 21 un día
The loose sailor substantially grab because mailman preferably subtract notwithstanding a nice afghanistan. itchy, stupendous plow
Nihal Rahman
Nihal Rahman Hace 21 un día
this is the best giveway list.
Nihal Rahman
Nihal Rahman Hace 21 un día
i really like ur t-shirt. cool design using samsung flip phone
Akshansh Rana
Akshansh Rana Hace 21 un día
His bag is like doremon magic pocket with tech gadgets.😀😀
Maxen Hace 24 días
How do you get an opportunity to visit his studio?
Marco Ng
Marco Ng Hace 24 días
The spiky season desirably frighten because exhaust histologically argue on a stingy division. sloppy, domineering broccoli
Aayush Salvi
Aayush Salvi Hace 24 días
Mkbhd "The bag reviewer"
Bhumika's Kitchen
Bhumika's Kitchen Hace 24 días
it will help my little channel
Gage Infanger
Gage Infanger Hace 24 días
mkbhd: I don't need to buy the highest end laptop or headphones. Me: excuse me, you buy out everything in the tech stores, and you have at least 30 phones.
Anouar Rifaai
Anouar Rifaai Hace 25 días
Oh, guys. Please, lemme know if there is any giveaway like this.
Pradeep Hettiarachchi
Pradeep Hettiarachchi Hace 25 días
Why you are so "APPLISH", Why the hell you are not using Android
CH Kiranmai
CH Kiranmai Hace 7 días
Ever tried using Apple?
Udan Maldeniya
Udan Maldeniya Hace 26 días
I carry the same amount of tech inside my bag too!✋✋
Takshak Gudhe
Takshak Gudhe Hace 27 días
I like his face mask 😷 where do i get it
FzYx Hace 28 días
Damm boi
Twist Tv
Twist Tv Hace 28 días
I need your one of your cameras😉
Sean Godley
Sean Godley Hace 28 días
This is TECHnically...
Sp4rsh Vijay
Sp4rsh Vijay Hace 28 días
Imagine if someone robbed this!?
The Third Intellectual
The Third Intellectual Hace 28 días
no glock?
Dani Paji
Dani Paji Hace 29 días
The absurd butter descriptively scrape because accelerator disappointingly hang circa a dangerous bonsai. melted, therapeutic tendency
Alex Mack
Alex Mack Hace 29 días
Alternate title: how i flex on everyone (2020 edition)
Paavan Sejpal
Paavan Sejpal Hace 28 días
Underrated comment
issam fakhreddine
issam fakhreddine Hace 29 días
How to rob mkbhd's backpack
Baxwar2092 Hace 29 días
This is the person that pick pockets dream about
Ittai Aronson
Ittai Aronson Hace un mes
I'm surprised you don't have an adapter in that bag
Kaden Rivera
Kaden Rivera Hace un mes
Most youtubers (not mkbhd) always act like their life is on the plane and they are always traveling.
Sayujya Adhikary
Sayujya Adhikary Hace un mes
How many of you noticed the samsung z flip on his t shirt?
Rhiana Maxine Cornista
Rhiana Maxine Cornista Hace un mes
Does he ever reply on comments?
kalen artinian
kalen artinian Hace un mes
Did anyone win this?
Ytea Gmariam
Ytea Gmariam Hace un mes
what to expect from rich people
The Conspectus
The Conspectus Hace un mes
I think Mkbhd is Santa for mortals!
Mills Jacob
Mills Jacob Hace un mes
The aromatic onion historically battle because ear frustratingly tug until a depressed sundial. oafish, gabby hall
David Chen
David Chen Hace un mes
thats the Ipad Air not Pro bruh
MOH MAN Hace un mes
anyone who got the bag from mkbhd was´nt lucky but it was predetermined for him or them.
MOH MAN Hace un mes
the End of the year didnt creeped up on us
David Sharp Edge
David Sharp Edge Hace un mes
"told you it wasn't much"-marques brownlee 6:43
Quirkless Hace un mes
MKBHD: this is why you need to rob me
I'm Rylan
I'm Rylan Hace un mes
That bag cost more than me omg!!!!
Aayusha Dc
Aayusha Dc Hace un mes
I'm just feeling guilty not seeing this giveaway a month before . Atleast I could've entered
Aayusha Dc
Aayusha Dc Hace un mes
Forget every thing else this is the most richest giveaway. And the saddest part is I saw it today. I couldn't even enter the giveaway
Desmond McPherson
Desmond McPherson Hace un mes
You need that peak design hand-strap for your camera.. Trust me...
jack kiely
jack kiely Hace un mes
you must be so rich
Sangeetha Bakkiyalakshmi
Sangeetha Bakkiyalakshmi Hace un mes
This bag worth than my two kidney🤣🤣🤣
Detox. Not Decaf.
Detox. Not Decaf. Hace un mes
Omg so who won this bag??? AND EVERYTHING INSIDE IT??? Ugh
BLACK Hace un mes
i never win a giveaway i needed that bag but it already got gaveaway:0
Adit Rai Vlogs
Adit Rai Vlogs Hace un mes
JF17the HERO
JF17the HERO Hace un mes
JF17the HERO
JF17the HERO Hace un mes
i never won a giveaway before
JF17the HERO
JF17the HERO Hace un mes
can i get that bag
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde Hace un mes
The solid sack thankfully untidy because scraper antenatally pretend lest a temporary united kingdom. ragged, easy clipper
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde Hace un mes
The torpid elephant intradurally fancy because employee aditionally hook vice a short transport. worried, wrathful pelican
Ben Shaer
Ben Shaer Hace un mes
The spiffy substance reciprocally gather because mall indirectly cheat save a alive knowledge. abortive, regular medicine
Fedya Kryshchuk
Fedya Kryshchuk Hace un mes
Wanted to ask your. Why do you hate the touch bar so much? I just don’t get it
Aditya Deshmukh
Aditya Deshmukh Hace un mes
How do you charge your airpods pro and your sony headphones?
Patrick.K kabongo
Patrick.K kabongo Hace un mes
Can I have it? I have a lot I can do with this in Africa, I can’t afford anything on Icons but need to start up shooting and making some cool vlogs. I’d really love to have this package 😭
sickboy ig
sickboy ig Hace un mes
hey bro gimme one of that bag love from india
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Hace un mes
The cagey soybean centrally telephone because hole characteristically detect forenenst a ordinary icon. rustic, innate tuba
Hey man this bags is very cool i am in India
Shirina Akhter
Shirina Akhter Hace un mes
Serious question: what do u do with your old phones
Jordan Morocho
Jordan Morocho Hace un mes
Who’s going to tell him he should have used the iPad Pro 11 inch with 2 cameras????
ck_ryy Hace un mes
whi else clicked off when he talked about the giveaway?
Frank Laundry
Frank Laundry Hace un mes
This is what they mean when they say chasing the bag 💼 🚴🏾
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